Will obama raise gas prices?

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The President can't raise gas prices, or so I thought?

Anyway if they can, I doubt he would.

gas here is 1.99

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Since when does the president decide what the prices are?
Their policies and the things they do can influence the gas prices, but they do not directly control the prices...


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I don't think so. Remember...he's for the people and people don't need gas prices. Here, where I live, it's FINALLY under 2 dollars a galon...it's like 1.95ish! and I love love LOOOVE it!!

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I dont think so I like the way they are 2 13 a gallon at 7 eleven I drive a suv that's why I like it.

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Obama can not directly influence gasoline prices.

Currently refinery capacity has as much influence on gasoline prices as crude oil. The US hasn't build any new refineries in 29 years. The reason for this is there is a lot of money to be made by limiting supply. Note the rapid spikes in gasoline prices caused by even a single refinery going offline.

I don't know Obama's plan but if I were in power I'd push for higher gasoline prices through incremental tax increases to encourage conservation and to fund alternative energy. A carbon tax that benefits carbon neutral energy would probably be the best approach for this.

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I don't think Obama will raise the price on gas.
I think he'll lower them more. Who knows though. We'll have to wait and see what happens from there.
I hope they stay the same since I have people that drive me places since I have the visual impairment and been blind since birth.
But, that's beside the point. I do wish Obama well and I hope he keeps his promises like he mentioned in the campaign. Let's see if he does the change like everyone that voted for him wants.

Do you think he's okay???

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Gas has already gone down to like 1.75 a gallon so I doubt he will Raise them anymore.

Gas $4+ a gallon...what to think...
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Of course...via a higher tax...one of many higher taxes...

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...the government subsidizes gas here. Unlike other countries that import oil, etc, we have it fairly cheap.

Now, if we'd provide those same caliber subsidies to other forms of energy that were more effecient, and produced domestically, then we'd have something.

Alaska's dividend for gas costs
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We'll have to wait and see what happens - policies have a great effect on pricing.

Focused on his name?
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I think he is going to lower them

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