Will a sore throat affect my screaming??

I started screaming for about 2 weeks now (thats constant) I do it every night.. My throat never hurts actually and I think I am doing it quite right.. I dont feel anything bad,,, But when one evening I drink lots of cold water and even ate an ice cream then I started to go on with the screaming and I got sore throat! well what I want to ask is would I able to get on my screaming again?? I cant scream for my thoat hurts so bad..

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… just w8 for your sore throat to heal then screammm!!! ..dats what im doing…

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Listen to a7x’s advice… she seems to majorly know what she’s doing/talking about.

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Firstof all anko924 - there’s NOTHING wrong with screaming. And second, I think it’d be best if you take a break from screaming for awhile to give your throat time to get better. You can try again using my tips trust me… I know what I’m talking about -

First off, there’s more to it than just screaming. You have to know HOW to do it and what things to do… or else you’ll fck up your vocal cords and sht. That wouldn’t be too fun now would it?

Screamo sounds really awesome when done right. My advice to you is just practice. You won’t sound EXACTLY like the bands who do screamo. Everybody who does screamo has their own unique sound. Just try to start out by testing different sounds and such… low, loud, in between. Each should have a different sound. DON’T PUSH YOURSELF. If your throat starts hurting or your voice starts slipping STOP. Don’t risk hurting your vocal chords. Keep a drink like water, gatorade or whatever you drink, handy that way you can get a drink in between screaming. This is an important thing to do to keep your vocal chords moist, that way your vocals chords don’t start getting dry. Be sure to take breaks from it too. Don’t keep practicing 24/7. Get a drink before you start, in between during your breaks from screaming and after you’ve finished for the day/night. Don’t try to be something your not either. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. Maybe you will some other time. Practice for a half hour or an hour and then stop for the time being and maybe try again later that night for another half hour or so. Be sure to take a few 10 minute breaks or so in between your practicing times too as I said before.

Just follow my advice and you should be fine. But like I said… if it hurts… STOP. Don’t ever push yourself or else you’ll cause damage to your throat/vocal cords and then you’ll really be wishin you hadn’t of pushed it huh?

Ignore the dumbas*es who just say stuff like “uhhh… just scream” or “start by hating your life”. Screamo has nothing to do with hating your life. And there’s WAY more to it than just screaming.

I think that about covers things. If after all this, you still can’t do it, or it causes pain. Give it up. Your voice/throat has probably changed forever and you wouldn’t want to risk causing serious damage to your throat/vocal chords. Also, if you need anything else regarding this or something… don’t be afraid to ask me because I’m very good when it comes to stuff like this haha

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All screaming will harm your throat somewhat. What you need to do is take a break and perhaps look at ways in which you can maintain your throat/ voice at home. Screaming (and to a lesser extent; growling) will always have some impact and so it is possible that this has got progressively worse with time. You need to relax and perhaps look at ways in which you can supplement screaming in some areas (eg. get others to join in, or even try some singing :P, etc). Drink plenty of water and try to take a bit of a rest. Also try looking into safer screaming techniques (check out the Zen Of Screaming) :).

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why are you screaming in the first place??

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I scream round 4-5 hours everyday, from slipknot to LOG to KSE, my throat doesnt hurt when doin it but it there is a slight presence of soreness after for like a slight second… thats when I call it a day.


thats a good sight for an idea on what to do, you can never get anyone to explain what to do properly… its all in the head..

70% confidence and 30% skill

that is it.

hope this helps and zen of screaming isnt the best… it does have potential help in it tho, zen of screaming 2 is a waste of time.


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