Why wont my kitten drink water?

I have had my kitten for three days. She is very confident and comfortable around me & my mum. The first day she came she wouldnt eat the food(dry) we gave her which was exactly them same from the petshop, and wouldnt drink a thing! The next day we bought her (wet) food & milk we she gulped down so she is fed

Wetfood & milk



she always has a supply of water no matter what.
I havnt moved her food and water & in the morning and at night I clean her water dish.

Why wont my kitten drink water & eat dryfood?How can I help her to want to eat and drink?

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Thank you... Were just starting to get worried.. shesonly 9 weeks old so I say shes never hunted before either...

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shes probably getting used to the new world shes in :)
also, what I did when I got my kitten, I gave it a lot of milk. kittens are maybe to young for dry food?
also, my kitten liked to eat yogurt ^-^

good luck =^_^=

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awww the lil thing might have a upset tummy or summet

dont forget too that cats are predators and will hunt for their own food so she might be full up from the birds and mice ;)

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depends on how old cat is might be use to wet food . If kitten won't eat dry food also. Soak food with milk that should help.

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Yes, try and give her some milk.
Also, if you have any tuna around (like canned tuna), open the can and drain the juice into a little bowl for it.
They love fishies : )

Good Luck : )

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