Why won't she let me get a rat?

I’m using my OWN money. I’m using my OWN room. She will NEVER have to see it. It’s MY full responsibility. So why will my mother not let me get a rat? I don’t understand how someone can be DISGUSTED by an adorable, beautiful little creature that has every right to live as a human being. She says they carry disease, right, WILD ones do, not store bought ones.

I really need suggestions as how I can persuade her.

Answer #1

listen, Fish are too pets. I have 2 right now and they make great pets I don’t think you are ready for a rat yet with your talk

Answer #2

When you grow up, and move out to your own place, you can get whatever pet you want. Right now, while you are still a child, you have no say in the matter.Acting selfishly (me, me, poor me, I must have a rat) is not going to convince your mother that you are ready for the responsibility of rat ownership.

Answer #3

They are cute, we had one come into our hospital named Gabby and have a growth removed. Maybe it has to do with being responsable and I would just do a lot of leg work and good solid facts about a pet rat and try to have a sit down talk with her and find out why she won’t really let you have one. Other then it is her house. Good luck

Answer #4

I understand the frusteration you are feeling. . I was(and still am) a big animals lover and I am the opposite. We have had rats, gerbils, hamsters(and right now have 2 dwarfs) , we have fish and a dog with puppies on the way this next week. I got these animals for my kids(thats my excuse) LOL but because I love them and wanted them as well. Maybe your mom is really scared of rodents. Try to see her point. Maybe in time she will lighten up on the subject and let you try a pet rat. Responsibility is also about attitude and if you act mature, maybe she will see your point in time.

Answer #5

How is everyone here mostly being a jerk to you? Other than the “get a fish” comment, which is a pretty good advice anyway seeing that you didn’t explain before that you have other kinds of pets and you know what it takes to take care of a rodent.

Everyone’s just laying you the basic facts of why your mom might not want you to have a pet rat and giving examples of how you can tackle the problem, because your question was more a rant. Everyone gave you great advice, even though it’s probably not what you wanted to hear, it doesn’t make them bad advice.

So, fish are not pets as far as you’re concerned? Well, as far as your Mom is concerned, rats aren’t pets either.

Answer #6


as much as you try to convince her how “adorable beautiful little creatures they are” she will never believe you. what you have to do is get her used to the idea of tolerating one. show her how responsible you are by not getting angry with her. also, go to a pet store and get estimates on the costs of them so she’s knows you’re serious about taking care of it and that you won’t make her do the work.

hope I helped! :)

shudders I guess SOMEBODY has to like them… -maddie

Answer #7

Quote: ‘A stupid little rodent’??? I feel sorry for the rat if you get one if thats what you think of it!

Answer #8

get a fish

Answer #9

it is not your room, get that through your head now, thank your mom everyday for letting you live in her house for free.

Answer #10

Your mom believes that some how, some way, it will escape from it’s cage and run through the house and scare her to death. Sorry, I’m a mom and that was my thought when my son wanted a snake. Maybe start with a cute mouse and work up to a rat. and get a REALLY escape-proof cage.

Answer #11

Im having the same problem too. My dad wont let my get a pet rat either. im not begging him thought im just telling him the facts about them and that their not that hard to take care of. I already have 2 cats and a dog but a rat shouldnt be that much more work for me.im not sure if he is afraid of them or not but I know my step mom is and I told my dad that she didnt even have to see it if she didnt want to. If anyone has any other information on rats or owns one please email me at luvxsoftball@aim.com

hope he says yes <:3 )~~

Answer #12

She has a big say in this, like it or not. You live under their roof, so it’s their rules as usual.

Also, being 14 I don’t think you’re working and earning your own money, so Mom has to pay for everything for this pet that she doesn’t like. I doubt you’ve saved enough money to cover all expenses. She has to constantly worry about you getting bitten by it, or you accidentally letting it loose in the house. Plus, there is no guarantee that store-bought rats don’t carry diseases. If you want to make sure, there will be vet fees too. This doesn’t seem to be worth the price of a rat to your mother.

Just giving you some thoughts on what your Mom might be thinking. But if you follow the advice from others here on trying to convince your Mom, it might work. Good luck.

Answer #13

Thanks for most of you being jerks. FYI mysterywolf I have a job, and have over $300 in the bank. Rats in this pet store cost $5.00 or lower. I am NOT stupid or unable to handle this responsibility of a rat, I already own two birds, and a cat, which are taken care of all by me. I am perfectly aware that rats may need to go to the vet, and there will be extra expenses, I can handle all of this. The only reason my mother won’t let me get one is because she is a wimp and afraid of a stupid little rodent.

Fish are not pets.. as far as I’m concerned.

Answer #14

rats do not attract snakes

Answer #15

well I’m trying to get a pet rat , they say I can’t because they’ll attract snakes does anybody know how to get rid of stupid snake so I can get a rat . I know a lot of stuff about rats and I can take care of him or her…

Answer #16

Yo I’m trying to get a rat too ! I’m 13 hon and I think way smarter than you do. See what I’m doing is laying down the facts and not just saying there cute and junk . I want one a s a companion , owning a rat is like owning a dog . And even if your paying for you have to get mothers consent. And its going to take a while . So be patient and calm and go to her and ask in a respectful manner. Say “Mom, I really want a rat not as just a pet but as a friend and I want you to understand that I’m really trying to convince you, and that I wont stop trying , even if I have to ask you everyday,So please consider what I’m saying if your unsure I’ll give information on reasons to own a pet rat and if your afraid of them I want you to know that you wont see much of it and that it will help you get over your fear , Now Can I please have a rat? Think about it when you’ve come to a decision tell me your answer.” And thats how I would do it. And if she doesnt get back to you right quick on it just be patient it means she’s thinking and considering a rat for a pet , she may even research it. So You Best WAIT !!!

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