Why is water clear?

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okay. here me out on this one:). I know it's kinda weird, but this why I think water is clear. I think water is a very wise entity. I think it has the wisdom to know that other beings need to evovle. So it provides a wonderful environment, the best it can give, so that other beings can thrive, and evolve to a higher frequency...who knows.

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add dust to it, it will become dusty ;)

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water is clear && taste like nothing because water is purified if not then it would be like an icky color like green or a dirty color as you know water is recycable so it is used again, it is clear beacause they purify it.

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All liquids in natural form are clear.

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because its the purest stuff on earth?

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It is the universal solvent.

Even though there are many minerals in it, you can't see them. It is clear for the reasons that pwincess put above, but pure water that has been distilled doesn't have much else but WET in it.

It is not good to only drink distilled H2O. Minerals are needed in our bodies for growth and maintenance.

Add dust to it and it will become turbid or muddy!

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what water have you been drinking?

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I got this following from : http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/water_health/health1/1-why-is-water-clear.htm

"Many people wander why water has a clear, pristine appearance while so many other liquids seem to have at least minimal color. The answer is a complex one and it all begins with the molecular make-up water.

Water is entirely composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Both elements are gases in nature and are invisible. Being composed of such elusive and invisible elements certainly is a large reason why water has that crystal clear appearance.

Any discoloration that may appear in water from a natural source such as a river, lake or underground source such as a well is largely due to natural substances such as algae, leaves, dirt and numerous other particles typically brought in by rainwater.

This ultimately gives the water a cloudy appearance commonly called turbidity. This turbidity can also be an indication of possible pathogens in addition to being unsightly in the water. Turbidity is removed in a variety of ways, largely in processes of sedimentation and filtration systems at the local level.

So just how does clear water affect your body? Like we mentioned earlier, cloudiness or discoloration of naturally clear water could be a sign of turbidity, a natural indicator of possible pathogens. Pathogens are easiest defined by calling them germs.

So naturally, the more effectively treated your water is the less likelihood there is of ingesting pathogens and thus inciting health risks. Simply put...the clearer the water the better! "

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