Why is sugar non-vegan but vegetarians can eat it?

This is really confuzzing!

Answer #1

I can list those things because they are also murder and calling me out on having a steak, ignoring the fact that your lifestyle is essentially also murder, is hypocritical. I don’t support animal cruelty, I simply don’t care. Supporting and showing a lack of interest are not one and the same.

Life is murder, deal with it.

Answer #2

Well captainmunch why would anyone list all things that are murder when the point of the conversation is vegetarianism? Meat IS murder. Live with it jeez if it makes you feel guilty then you’ve got a problem huh? Anyway, vegetarians who are vegetarians for moral reasons, and know about sugar and other reasons why vegans are vegans, are just fake to me. If they care so much then why don’t they stop the torture? Seems to me like a lot of vegetarians are only veg. for attention. :/ I don’t like those people lol And I’m really sorry captainmunch, but I seriously do thing that you support animal cruelty and are in fact a horrible person because of it. Anyway MEAT IS MURDER >:b

Answer #3

to captain munch, no vegos and vegans cant eat animal fats, theyre bislaughter products. that just means youre not vego. MEAT IS MURDER! how can you just sit there eating chicken snitzel or steak and chips and be satisfied while the animals in the factories are treated like theyre in the holocaust? check out some vids on youtube. im never going to put a piece of meat, fish or any bislaughter product in my gob again. just because vegos and vegans care about animals and dont support animal cruelty like you non vegos do (im sorry to say but if you eat meat, youre supporting animal cruelty), it doesnt mean were weird…and explain to me how luxurious is it for the animal that dies just to end up on your plate at dinner time? smothered in gravy? I wouldnt want to be on someones dinner plate while theyre sitting in luxury. I find it quite selfish actually. and us vegos are doing a lot for animal. were probably savin 2 chickens and the rump of a cow each week multiply that by 52 wow youve got a huge number.

Answer #4

Captainmunch, being a vegetarian really isn’t about being superior to everyone else. In fact there are people that I’ve known for years and even ate lunch dozens of times who don’t know I’m a vegetarian. I go about my business without fanfare.

It is true that much of our lifestyle causes environmental problems. Most of the vegetarians I know also take steps to simplify their way of living to reduce their impact on the environment. I do errands on bicycle. I try to work from home two days/week. I drive small cars. There is a saying, “live simply so others can simply live.” You are right that this extends far beyond what people choose to eat.

All that said, being a vegetarian alone makes a huge difference on your impact on the environment. Feedlots, slaughterhouses, pig farms, and chicken operations are environmental disasters. You are rightfully concerned about chemical runnoff from fields but when you eat meat you are indirectly eating several times as much grain as vegetarians who eat lower on the foodchain. It takes many pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat.

Personally I’m a vegetarian mainly for health reasons rather than for the environment and animal rights. I do think that the fact that living this way is better for the environment and reduces the amount of animal suffering are great side effects though.

Answer #5

Some sugar is processed with bone char and some isn’t.

Even when bone char is used it doesn’t end up in the sugar, it is used to remove impurities from the sugar.

Isinglass is used to do the same thing in many commercial beers. Isinglass is made from the swim bladders of stergeons. Some vegetarians avoid beers made with isinglass while others argue that since isinglass doesn’t end up in the finished product that the beer is ok.

If a vegetarian or vegan strives to be “pure” it is very difficult because now there are animal products in almost everything. It is an ideal to strive for but virtually impossible in the real world. Most of us do the best we can and carry one with it.

I don’t buy sugar processed with bone char or beer fined with isinglass but when I’m eating at a restaurant or at a friends I don’t ask to see the label of every ingredient in what I am served.

Answer #6

The difference between vegans and vegetarians on this subject lies in this: Vegetarians do not want to consume meat products or animal products, while vegans do not want to consume or use products that require animals to be produced or processed.

Answer #7

Because veganism and vegetarianism are two different things, try Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation of both.


• noun: a person who does not eat meat for moral, religious, or health reasons


• noun: a person who does not eat or use animal products

Answer #8

I respect your decision because you do not yell “MEAT IS MURDER”, for so is corn, diet coke, taking a bus down Main Street and putting on your dish washer. I know my impact is greater and I respect your choice to be a vegetarian, but I can not stand people who shout murder and fire when I eat a steak, knowing that they could do so much more but refuse to do so because it doesn’t suit their lifestyle. I respect your decision as you respect mine. You are right that being a vegetarian isn’t about being superior, but a lot of vegetarians think that they are superior, claiming I support animal cruelty and am a horrible person (cfr supra).

Answer #9

Bone char isn’t exactly meat, vegetarians can eat chips with animal fats in them too, can’t they? Either way, vegetarians and vegans are weird people. They always like to sound like they are trying their best to limit animal suffering but actually they could do way more, the thing is that people like their luxurious lifestyle ;)

Answer #10

I can sit there because I’m just an animal too, be it a highly advanced one, and I happen to be on top of the food chain. How can you sit there and act like you are better than me when thousands of animals die in and around the fields (being chopped up by machinery, poisoned by chemicals and just plain old destroyed by excess manure flowing into rivers) for the corn that you eat? If you really cared about animals you would grow your own crops, pick them by hand without using pesticides (as to stop animals being poisoned and weakened), never drive a car or use public transport (as to stop vulnerable ecosystems from being destroyed by pollution), etc.. . What’s your excuse?

If you want to feel better than me, try harder. Stop trying to make me feel bad when you are just as guilty.

Answer #11

except sugar has bone char in it, so shouldnt it be unsuitable for vegetarians as well?

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