Why is my hair coming out in chunks?

for the past couple of years my hair has been coming out. just recently my hair has been coming out in chunks!! its so gross! im a 16 year old girl and I honestly have no idea why this is happening!

does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

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there is a stress disease it's callled lopus (spelling), and when you are stressed out your hair falls out in chunks. Go to the doctor, cause they can perscribe pills for stuff like that.

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Well I'm just a 17 year old kinda giving my suggestions as to you. Youre' 16 & very young you shouldn't be concerned about cancer, but it could also be due to dead and fryed hair, my hairs not coming out in chunks but im losing a lot of hair, I know its because of dyeing it and straightening it so much, but in your case chunks? Doesnt seem healthy. Go to the doctor, get that checked out. Signs could be cancer, not sure though, im no expert or doctor.

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