Why is it good to eat peanut butter on your period?

Why is it good to eat peanut butter on your period my mama always tell me to eat it bu I dont know why.

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Protein...you lose a lot through blood loss on your period, and Peanut Butter is full of it.

It was a great trick to use back in the day when many people couldn't afford meat, but if you're eating a regular diet, then you most likely don't need it.

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All I know is that peanut butter has a medium iron content, above average but not rich. Maybe it's to do with iron?

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It contains a lot of protein, (I.e. iron) which you lose when you are on your period. It is also a complex carbohydrate which gives you sustainable energy and it high in saturated fats.

My boyfriends sister is a model an in order to keep healthy she eats peanut butter every day of her life. It's really good for you and very healthy.

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I crave things with lots of protein when I'm on my period, particularly red meat. It gives me the iron and proteins that my body loses.

Peanut butter works on a couple levels, it has moderate iron, high protein, and it is a complex carb so it breaks down in your system, hitting your blood stream like a time release capsule. I have diabetic friends who also rely on peanut butter just for that reason. It slowly releases the 'sugar' in the blood stream to keep a balanced blood sugar level after taking a shot.

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thats a good questiong I've never heard of that ..I'd like to know too

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