Why Go to Church to Worship?

If God is everywhere, why do you have to go to church to worship him?

Answer #1

Wow!! allot of debating whether or not to worship god. Well, the reason people need to go to church is to get the blessings, to feel better from Satan’s pressents, avoid temptation, strive to live rightously, have clean and pure thoughts instead of evil, and, be there for one another. Going to church to hear the word of god is beautiful since you do feel the spirit everywhere I would agree but, we go to better ourselves. We also like to keep the sabbath holy. If your Wicken, then, that means that Wicken people don’t go to church and don’t read scriptures or believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Well, no one can change your beliefs and you can’t change ours. Personally I love going to church. In mine we don’t have paid Clergymen, and, my church is not about money or food all the time. Yet, we do have food during Pot Lucks, and church activities. It’s true that some churches do promote money and their Clergymen are paid, but, they all have different activities. (So, we have a disagreement there). I won’t convince you nor anyone else on this site so, stick to your beliefs. I know that you were curious so that’s why you asked the question. God bless.

Answer #2

The bible states denote 10% of your money on the church, to go to church to repent & such, it’s made clear that it is a building, but why do we have to go if God is everywhere.

Answer #3

Ahh…this is one of those big questions that just make me want to scream.

I have to give Thex my full siding in this argument, especially when it comes to the faith and vibrations and such-that much is true. Belief and faith works the same everywhere, and you don’t have to go to a certain place to use your faith or express it.

I find that yes, the Spirit is everywhere, a new-born child, the deathbed of an elder, the tiniest blade of grass shooting up from the earth.

So on my opinion-no, you don’t HAVE to go to a church to worship.

However, if I has the choice-as in, if witches could have special buildings just for THEM, that would be pretty cool. You’d get to meet other people who share the same beliefs, and from what I find in the churches that my family drags me to so that I can be “saved”, is that they are places of peace and quiet where I can think and meditate.

So I guess what I’m saying is that buildings of worship are here and there-it’s either a you do or you don’t (though some of them are GORGEUS sucker for good architectureXDD).

Answer #4

Jesus wanted us to gather for worship.

Matthew 18:20 (New International Version)

  1. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

We are to encourage one another and in doing so strengthen not only our faith but the faith of others present also.

Thessalonians 5:11 (New International Version) 11Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Hebrews 3:13 (New International Version) 13But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

Hebrews 10:25 (New International Version) 25Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Answer #5

snowflakerain very well written& thawed out as you siad, it is faith that can heal, but there is scientific reasons to for it to be bale to every living thing vibrates, what you believe in, what you think, & such sends out vibrations. & thus here where the wiccan rule comes around, what you send out comes back to you what you send out (through energy & vibration) is the amount of what you get in return your family prayed for your boy in strong faith & ion a group, strong vibration & emergy, thus he got better for your grandfather here’s what my frien Twitchy says, what you believe will happen will happen for einstance when you feel a cold coming on you “know” you’re going to get sick & tell yourself it many times over so you fall ill, but if you ignore the fact & believe your well your body will put up a stonger fight & will more than likley bit get sick you granfother refuses to believe he’s ill & keeps fight the same happned with my grandmother & uncle until they actually wanted to die & letted go of life, but before hand they were fight like oxen. My uncle was given 8 months to live with his lung cancer & lived on for 2 years my grandmother was given the dsame amount, not even if I recall correct, & lived on nearly 3. So yeah, in the end it’s all about faith & how much ENERGY you put into the FAITH well done snowflake_rain(like the name btw) 1~ but that still doesn’t answer my question why can’t they worshi pin forwsst, or gather at each other’s houses,

& what the f*ck is tithing,cowpunk?

Answer #6

I know for a Fact as I grew up a Jehovah’s Whitness.. Studied the bible most of my childhood and learned that the whitnesses were supposed to be disbannded when Their Founder Died it was in his Will.. However to keep Face they had to Alter this will when it was published.. The thing that was found By their unrelentless study of interpretting the bible was that it did not matter What Religion You Were.. It’s a Matter Of FAITH.. What you believe in to be God is an “Almighty” power by which anything is possible as long as you posses FAith in That :Power:… They learned you did not NEED to be in a CHURCH to worship.. You did not need the Conventional “Elders” or “Preists” as people had become accustomed.. This information would of Course have upset the Lives of many and probably unfound their Faith altogether so to Keep with their “ONE true Religion” Facet they had to alter the will to keep with their Doctrinal teachings.. You MUST have Faith in Something for it to work for YOU … You must decide what that is.. If you cannot feel close to “God” alone then most will resort to some sort of “Gathering” to support their Faith… the Bible Says “Faith Without Works is Dead” But the “Works” is what works for you! The Bible is filled with things people normally do not understand without years of study.. I had found that Faith is the Most important thing for most and this will help you nomatter what religion you choose.. Nomatter what Temple or church you use you Can feel Close to That Ever-Powerful Energy and Life Force that Guides us and However you interpret that Life Force is of your Choosing and That will Work for you.. I choose the Top of a Mountain! I need No Man to make me feel powerfull.. I KNow that “Faith and Hope Guide us. Yet, Determination is That Which Makes us succeed!” (I wrote that and Live by it) Just remember Faith and that’s all you need whatever You Believe in..

Answer #7

As Far as “Gathering”… People DO Collectively Contain More personal power then individualy.. I have Seen Cancer be cured by this.. They were Christian, Not Jehovah’s Witness’s, ( I have Visited, the Christian, Jews, Babtist, protestants, and pagans ect. and have seen many Faithfull and equally wonderful people who just Mean Well in Their Faith) The Fact is, Nomatter what religion you are in, when you Pray Collectively it IS a Form Of Collective Chanting.. Especially if you have a VERY LIKE MINDED group.. and with this Personal Power Combined for One Collective purpose with Pure intentions Very POWERFULL Things Can be achieved! The Power of the Subconcious Mind is a Very Underestimated and Often “misinterpreted” entity! My Son will never have to worry about his Heart Murmor! My Son’s Grandmother’s Church Prayed for him Collectively over a Cloth and that Personal Power Was Put to a PRAYER CLOTH as they say.. This came with a small printing of the Prayer they all said to Help him! He was not even a Month Old..I repeated this prayer every day and kept the Cloth Close to him.. I HAD FAITH EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT BELIEVE IN a So Called GOD! But I HAD FAITH IN THESE People collective POWER To heal My Son.. after a short period of Time I took him back to the Doctor’s in Saint Petersburg, FL.. He NO LONGER HAS THIS Heart Murmur and the Doctors were astonished. His Father STILL HAS HIS!!! His Grandfather Had Cancer and was Prayed over many times in a similar Fashion always keeping this Prayer cloth with him.. Mind you it’s not the prayer cloth.. It’s the Subconciious Idea of the Prayer Cloth and The Collective Subconciuos Power of these people who CARE soo much that they Pour their “Spirit” if you will, into realy Healling someone!… He went into remision for many years to the disbelief of his doctors who had done nothing more to help the cancer.. He is Now in His 90’s and still fighting strong.. So, Yes, Church and collective Gatherings can be Benificial for Support and as a Group Structure to Help those “weak” in Faith.. It’s a Nice Family to Have.. I still never go to Church but teach My children of their personal Power and religiuos tollerance for ALL.. So if you NEED a place to worship.. Find what Works for you.. I’ve found many earth based religions that work very well for Non-traditional people.. Just don’t let ANYone discredit YOUR Choice.. This is our Right as Humans! This is what the Bible (which was Written by Man in a metaphorical sence and as a guidline for many who had lost hope in a world that needed guidance at the Time.. They needed to Justifie the Deaths of their Children, and a few Men who were more educated then most came up with a solution to the problems that befell them.. Now there are many different versions and dirrections from different cultures and all for the Same purpose.. To Make those of their Culture Not Feel ALONE. For this is the One HUMAN emotion that befalls many and leads to much turmoil. So, they did it for a good reason.. However, Men Of POWER or those who Craved it, resorted to impliing that in their tiny part of the world they had the “ONly TRUE ANSWER”..) The Answer is that we already Had this power and We Just NEEDED FAITH.. ~PEACE~

Answer #8

First of all, we go to the church building and gather together for collective worsihp. On Sunday, the first day of the week, as the early Christians did, I.e. Paul etc. Why? They were commemorating the resurection of Christ from the grave and His victory of sin, death and hell. Scripture says, “do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together as is the habit of some.” The reason for this is because there is strength in numbers and you can share your problems with those of like faith. You do not have to go to “church”, but there is a great sense of family within. As for the money comment,” the love of money is the root of all kinds of evils.” People are always misquoting that. Money is the most talked about subject in scripture. Why? Primarily because of the joy it can bring and the harm it can do if handled incorrectly. God wants us to be good stewards of what He has blessed us with and asks that we give back to Him a portion, 10%, or whatever you’re able. The reason was not to build gigantic super buildings the size of football stadiums. It was so that the “priests/ Levites” would pass the funds on to help the less fortunate or widows, handicapped etc. People today are treating church more like summer camp then God’s house. It’s becoming a place of social programs and is getting away from what it was orginally intended, to spread the gospel of Christ. That said, not all churches are like this but it’s a growing trend and I can see why people of a non Christian faith would run away screaming or call us hypocrites.

Answer #9

b/c its God’s house…and I cant explain it to those who dont know anythin…and NO its not all bout money every church isn bout money, I will agree some are for that, but not all, my church isn…we dont have much after we pay for bills…I go to restore or help myself, yes you are right God is everywhere, but God’s people isn always out together, so therefore church is the place, to meet with other God’s children and worship hm together and to help each other…this day and age thats all it is, play time and food, but thats b/c there are people there that dont care, like many on here so they in order to keep people coming thats all they do, b/c majority of the people that dont care thats all they want play time and food, however, you came to my church and thats not the case, yes, we have play time and stuff, but its not every week, and its not every month and really its like three times, but thats it, my sunday school class goes out but we do that on our own time, it DOESN take place of church, theres one thing you people need to understand NOT ALL CHURCHES DO THE SAME THING, THERE ARE SOME REAL CHURCHES THAT ACUALLY DOES WORCHIP AND HELP OTHERS

Answer #10

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!


It is not MONEY that is the root of all evil. “It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.”

“What is the purpose of religion and church?”


v Religion and church 
  1.        The common purpose of religion is to aid the entity in its search for Truth. 
  2.        Each entity's level of development and understanding is different. 
  3.        It takes many different styles of religion to accommodate the growth needs of entities at various times. 
  4.        The value of a religion can be judged by its operation and intended accomplishments. 
  5.        Churches exist for the benefit of entities. 
  6.        Churches are to religion what a bathtub is to water. 
  7.        They allow the entity an opportunity to soak in the fellowship of like-minded entities. 
  8.        Churches also allow an entity a method through which to share.
Answer #11

You can worship by yourself if you want, God hears you, but its nice to go to church with like minded people and worship as a group, the other side spirits see groups of people worshiping it just makes a powerful energy, I belong to a prayer group and we pray for healings for those that ask, it makes it more powerful, and it feels good. hugs& love to you. Summerrainn

Answer #12

true church is inside you not some cement building or a group of people gathered beacuse being in a group corrups your own ideals of wath life is and god…live your life at the fullest and the best way you can


Answer #13

Oh, no problem, Thex. I can’t just stand by when I see there’s something wrong. It’s my Aquarian nature. That reminds me, I think I’ll go ask what everyones sign is. Later Alligator. kat =^u^=

Answer #14

rnealw FINALLY some one uses supporting evadence & reason rather than it’s just fun & such nicley done dude 1_~ but still the question remains why church? why not out in the streets(not in literal terms) or forest?

Answer #15

Church is a silent place where you can worship and communicate God.. and a place to return the blessing you received from God..

Answer #16

“because I’m the type of person whose interested in what pl have to say & how many people know about things. “

Yeah…whatever you have to say to convince yourself.

Answer #17

BathTub just cages water & makes it go stale after awhile. You don’t need churchies to lavish yourself it “God’s Glory” Witches don’t need churches to practice magick why do Christains need churches to worship?

Answer #18

because I’m the type of person whose interested in what pl have to say & how many people know about things. Read my profile of you want more answers bout me then funmail me if you like if you have anymore questions.

Answer #19

“it’s more complicated than that, believe me, I’ve done pleanty of research, but in lamens terms I guess.”

Yeah, it is more complicated, hence the summary. If you’ve done the research, why are you asking the question?

Answer #20

it’s more complicated than that, believe me, I’ve done pleanty of research, but in lamens terms I guess.

Answer #21

I don’t go to church simply because the people are rude and weird and it seems a little corrupt. I don’t know, that’s just me. I think people go for the food and money honestly.

Answer #22

Lol yeah it does seem like it doesn’t it Jello here’s a question IF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVEL WHY DO CHURCHES BEG FOR IT???

Answer #23

some people go because it’s a close-off place where you can pray in peace..

of course, you get the same effect in your closet. but you can’t collect money from your shoes.

Answer #24

You don’t have to. Of course, the preists/pastors will tell you otherwise, since their livlihoods depend on people going to church.

Answer #25

I do have to say one thing about what Thex said because I had already read her profile and she did say that she didn’t ask questions because she didn’t know the answer or that she wanted advice. She said that she liked to get peoples thoughts and opinions. If I’m not mistaken, she also said that she says what she thinks (something like that).

A general statement based on observation and experience: If would be wise to read someones profile before judging them or spouting off on them. You don’t have much amo if you go to war w/o information.

Answer #26

thas AWESOME!!! how could you not c it rnealw???…he said one or three gather…and he said encourage and build EACH OTHER UP…not a building up!!…u ca feel his energy by yourself or with a group of people…so building a church doesn’t make any sense…you are gona feel his same love alone or with thousands becaue its the same either way…you know what? I wished that people would actually read and interpret the word they are seeing in the bible…and actually feel what it meant instead of believing that its all literal…thebible should be the guidense book of your life, not the rules you must force in peoples life… PLUR

Answer #27

well said 1_~

Answer #28

umm..okay I have nothing against people that go to church, just because it their lifes and they can go where ever te want. Personally I find that the little times I’ve been to church, I end up mad. I feel they are also looking for the truth but are to blind to see it, how could they predicate the moral in their underwear??…their vision of god is faaar away from my vision…but anyways besides that, I also believe that chruch = politics…lots of corruption/lies and stuff in between…although one good thing I can say is that I defently get a good vibe…I can tell that a lot of people feel really eprty inside and whant to b near god…although for me, going to church every sunday isn’t the way to be close to him…PLUR!

Answer #29

Sometime’s it takes the preaching to give you another way to think and worship. You can’t open your own eyes if you are sitting there asking why go. Guidance is one reason. The other is because it’s God’s house and you go to be one with his spirit. You visit like you would visit a relative. He invites you to go weather you see it that way or not. So don’t let an invitation go to waste. Seek and Ye Shall Find. If you don’t, that’s up to you as well. Just answering your question.

Answer #30

lol that’s funny as many churches as I’ve been to they’re all the same & do the same thing claming to be diffrent. One ting you need to understand is that fact that if you do things like special acticityy & give away free food & such do really expect true belivers to be there, if not then why complain, becouze tech. you’re asking for it. Do you really want people who are there kjust for the food & such to be at the church, it’s not like the really deserve it if that’s all they’re there for.

Answer #31

Christians have always emphasized the importance of gathering in groups, and scheduling a fixed day and time for certain prayers and rituals. They got this from the Jews, who were doing the same around the time Christianity started. And the idea of a bunch of laymen getting together to hear a religious authority explain to them the meaning of scripture goes back thousands of years. Finally, Sunday was chosen because of its significance in pagan culture, mainly the cult of Mithraism, also popular back then.

Bring all that together, and you have the origin of the modern church service. It’s evolved a lot in the last couple thousand years, but that’s how it got started.

Answer #32

I can fully agree there I’m no Christain9I’m actually a witch) the only reason why I went was because I was spending the night at a friends house who was forced to go. It seems like people couldn’t wait to get free refreshments & prized, foods, & such like that. It was a pathetic sight to see really, people preaching against glutny & such yet did the very things they just got done preaching & hearing about. How sad are they.

Answer #33

What is Tithing and Why is it Unfounded! http://www.bible-truths-revealed.com/adv15.html

Answer #34

One word:


Answer #35

well said yemir(wow my comps acting up, I didnt see that 1 earlier) & than kyou Katwomen ^_^

Answer #36

becaues if you dont you will have to repente

Answer #37

XP have a point okay really don’t care what you believe about me lol

Answer #38

“really don’t care what you have to say “

Yes you do. That’s why you asked :)

Answer #39

think what tou want but hey, it’s true but hey, really don’t care what you have to say I have nothing to prove

Answer #40

Because they want money.

Answer #41

why church? why not out in the streets(not in literal terms) or forest?

Church is a group of people, Not a building. . You will find in Acts where the believer met from house to house worshipping daily sometimes these gathering lasted until late in the night ( You can find evidence of that in Acts also. Got does not expect use to meet in large or small groups exclusively as long as we gather. the purpose of the Church building is simply a common area to come together not putting a burden on any one home owner. The Amish still practive gathering from house to house moving the pews from place to place in a wagon using home, yard or barn as the need and weather allow and permit. So in truth you may meet in the woods if you want as long as your are in a group and structure your worship in a proper manor. .

And cowpunk, Tithing is old testament doctine. We are told in the NT to give as we prosper.

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