Why does my dog stick his head out the window of the car??

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I was told they like all the smells and maybe the breeze too... but I mostly think the smells, since they have an excellent nose.

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Your dog may do this because it likes the smell of fresh air and likes the scents of the out doors. Also, maybe your dog just likes the feeling of sticking it's head out of the window. I hope my advice helps you figure out the answer to why your dog sticks its head out of the window. :)

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almost every dog does. its like its programmed in them, haha, but I really dont no why they do.

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They are smelling a thousand different smells at once and they don't even need to walk around.

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Most dogs are like that,if you watch commercials with dogs,you'll see that dogs like to feel the air that brushes across their face,for them,that's relaxing and enjoying the ride.

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All dogs do. Dont you love sticking your tounge out of you mouth and feel the wind in your face?
I sure do o.o gosh whats wrong with you?!

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Don't know if its *hard-wired* into dogs at birth or what--just seems to be something they love! One of my dachsunds absolutely **LIVES** for riding in the car and hanging his head (and 1/2 his body as well) out of the window! (:

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I think they do to acclimatize themself..

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cause he likes to feel the wind on his face..

al dogs like to do that for some strange reason.

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Either likes the feel of the wind, or your cars too hot.

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