Why does everyone think that 13 is sooo young?

why does everyone think that being 13 is so young. I mean I ask a question for advice of how to get my boyfriend to go farther with me…and I get people saying im too young, like I know a lot of my friends have lost their virgintiy already and they are 13 and 14. I mean 13 year olds know stuff! We’re not prude little idoits!

so im just wondering…why?

Answer #1

Man 13! your just a baby! sex is something two adults who love eachother have sex. Your wayyy to young. I’m 16 and I’m very inncoent out of all my friends, I’v never even been kissed. But I’m not ashmed 16 isn’t that old, the only reason people think it is, is because sex is the ‘legal age’ to have sex. Just try and stay young a little longer. Your not always gonna be able to make mistakes or have your parents their for you all the time. Your little body isn’t developed to have sex yet. That’s why a long time ago their was sex after marridge. But people in this society have made sex a must do with anything that moves. But it’s supposed to be with someone you love. I’d rather have sex at least above the legal age, with a guy I have dated for a long time and love a lot, in a home, not at my parents where I feel guility, and if I do become pregnant I won’t have to think about abortions and shit because I’m old enough to actually make decsions! not a baby, 13! you won’t always be a kid for long but for the rest of your life you will be an adult, and you will have sex sometime your not missing out it’s not going anywhere and you will obviously be doing it for the rest of your life, why now? don’t you want something to look forward to? boys change and mature as they get older aswell they don’t want a slut my mum gave me this saying ‘your not a used car to take for a test drive’ meaning your not going to have sex with any boy for the sake of it. good luck take care xxx

Answer #2

also since you got bitc*y with me,,, condoms can break home girl.. go ahead and mess with a dumb guy who doesn’t even know how to put it on properly and be a 13 year old pregnant girl who had no business getting sexual in the first place. you should save your virginity till you find a guy you last with for a while and really love. don’t just put yourself out there word spreads and then guys that may want a nice virgin girl to be your first and only they will never have that chance b/c you were acting hoey… the meaning behind sex is more than just pleasure and the only reason you would be doing it is for the pleasure which is wrong.

Answer #3

Okay, I am 14 and I think that making out, kissing and feeling up is all someone the age of 13-15 could do, next, fingering,bj, hand, is all something 15+ should do, and sex is for somone who can raise a baby and have a partner that loves you. Seriously girls, I just turned 14 and I think 13 is too young because we are still kids, whether you want to admit it or not, we think we know everything but we only know 13%.. you get it? Plus I know adults who were like that when they were even 14-15 and they regret ever being “easy”, which is what you’ll be called if you do something stupid so young…

Answer #4

I know how you feel . I’m 13 , too . people are always telling to slow down , that I’m only 13 . sure , 13 is young for sex , I KNOW that ; &+ I know that you know that too . but same here , I dont know why kissing &+ feeling &+ mkaeing-out &+ all that stuff is so ‘bad’ for 13-years-old . I mean honestly people , it’s not .

Answer #5

Well if you look at it this way, when your 13 you see 6-8 years old really young but they think theyre not, but when you turn 16 you see that 13 is younger than you thought, cause you start to understand things even better and see things clearer, “KISSSING, FEELING UP, FINGERING” could lead only to one thing and thats sex, everyone knows that but doesn’t mean that you know the consequences doesn’t mean that its unlikely to happen to you, and when it does you wouldn’t know if the guy you did it with would have the guts to stay with a 13 or 14 year old girl whos pregnant, even the boy would know his too young to be a dad so they dont stick around and just leave you and continue with their own thing cause they found it pleasuring.

And by the way experiencing life is something you can do anytime in your life, its just better to do it when you know pretty much every guy in your country, or city, your only in high school and if you already got fingered and you liked this guy that you met in college or university and his a virgin and he hasnt fingered anyone and he wanted to be your first for everything wouldnt that ruin everything? Its not just about you, everyone has feelings, its best to do this things with the right guy, and hey youve got a lot ahead of you, all those girl are who had “done” it are all heading down hill why bother go after them? you’ve got the advantage! take it not ignore it and follow the fashion and just blend in with the crowd, why not stand out and be the special one to all of the guys and have your chance to shine and every guy would love to sleep with you cause your not those tart in school they haven’t been with, and they would compete for you, if you dont give in to them that is, and they’ll be talking about you in university saying to their old friends “Do remember that girl that every guy wanted to sleep with? She is just so …”

But you’ll completely understand everything when your even older, its like something that you would ask your older sister or mother about puberty when your young or you ask your mom “Where does babies come from?” and when she tells you, you dont completely understand it until at your age. Its just like that.

Answer #6

prude little idiots haha. so you’re saying y’all are comfortable with alcohol and drugs and sex and all you know all about it. you know it sounds good but you don’t know the risks involved at such a young age and many other factors.

Answer #7

no offense but just becasue you to wrao it uo when having sex doesnt mean your old enough to have sex or even mature to consider it

condoms are 97-98 percent effective and you think thats great … well it not most girls your age stil ahve spuratic periods meaning they wouldnt exactly know if they are pregnant or not there body just started geting used the joy of becoming a woman and they think that because they bleed there adults wrong

and as far as stds - aids can travel through the latex of a condom did you know that? or how bout pid pelvic inflammatory disease which is where bacteria moves into hte vagina and guess who is most at risk? sexually active women under the age of 25 or women during their child bearing years and most cases of pid are related to gonnorhea and chlamydia

you dont know as much as you think you at that age so keep it in your pants

Answer #8

I can see where you’re coming from. I’m 17 years old now and have been dating my boyfriend since I was 11. We made out when we were 12 and continued doing that (plus feeling up) until we were 13. I can completely understand what you’re feeling because my boyfriend and I felt the same way. But, just remember that sexual things should be done with someone that you deeply care about. I’m not talking a 2 week or even a 4 month relationship, but truly a love and friendship that you won’t regret. I had sex for the first time when I was 15 years old, and I don’t regret it one bit. Precious moments like that cannot be erased or re-done though, so be careful of who you give yourself to. As with going farther in your relationship, I think that if you two are emotionally ready, then you should go for it. I did, and it worked out great for me. Just be weary of the consequences. I’m not going to preach to you about pregnancy and stds, because you already know that. But also remember to have fun. You only have a childhood once. Just make sure you’re doing what you feel comfortable with.

Good luck hun!

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