Why do you like Obama??

Why do people like Obama? I like McCain and I think he is the better choice because Obama wants to tax the upper-class…the ones who are working the hardest..That is really not fair especially because my family is considered upperclass and my parents both work weekdays and some times on the weekend and that’s not fair to tax us!! But why do you like him>?

Answer #1

Funadvice isn’t about journalism.

if you didn’t think I researched it, you could just ask, rather than assuming I didn’t. you don’t have to trust me, it’d just be nice if you hadn’t been so judgmental about it.

Answer #2

If you didn’t know whether I’d researched it to begin with, you shouldn’t have accused me of not knowing what I was talking about. And I just said, I did research it.

Answer #3

I don’t know why you’re being so defensive…I voted for mccain. all I wanted you to do was research your opinion. of course I don’t think it’s fair to tax the lower class more heavily. when did I say I thought it was ok?

research your opinions. you want them to be creditable.

Answer #4

why don’t you find out how much tax they currently pay, obama’s tax plan, and then we’ll know.

honestly, I don’t know much about obama’s tax plans. all I said was that garbage men make a decent living.

Answer #5

yeah I dont like him one bit. he is a LIAR and a CHEATER. and all kinds of other thing. I would never vote for him/

Answer #6

Obama appels to lower class Like my mom & kindof my dad, he will try to helpp pubic schools get better (when they need to) instead of takeing 10,00$ to take them to a private school! Also,sometimes I think that they are going to vote for him because hes colored.. but theres aa lott!

Answer #7

When I started talking about the taxing, I was responding to everyone saying “OMG MY POOR RICH FAMILY HAS TO PAY MORE TAXES.” Not you. I have researched my opinion. If I didn’t have information to back this stuff up, I wouldn’t have formed this opinion to begin with.

Answer #8

oookay, but can they afford to be taxed a bunch so that the people who make 250,000 don’t have to pay anything?

Answer #9

there is somthing very wrong and very misleading about this man, I dont trust what he says, he reminds me of sum kind of dictator, to scuplt america, he says a lot we need change.. america doesnt need change, those words are so misleading because change can be for greater, for worse and he doest say for greater or worse…

Answer #10

The upper class works the hardest?

Or the upper class had better opportunity, to get better jobs? I think the janitor at the bus station down the street works just as hard as anyone else. But she was born to a family who didn’t have the money to send her to college and buy nice clothes and get a better job. Does that make her lazy? Should we tax her?

Answer #11

actually…garbage men have a pretty good lil salary…with benefits.

…just sayin…

Answer #12

and andyzro or whatever, you are EXTREMELY racist and closed-minded. Not every muslim is a terrorist. WOW.

its times like these when I lose all faith in humanity.

Answer #13

I used to like McCain. He always seemed like a pretty good guy. I have no doubt that the country and the world would be in a much better place today if McCain was elected in 2000 instead of Bush. He pretty much sold his soul to get the 2008 Republican nomination though. Now that McCain will say anything to get elected I no longer know what he stands for. Once he opposed Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy but now he wants to make them permanent and calls Obama a socialist for holding the same position that McCain used to. McCain used to be the only Republican who opposed torture but since then he gave the white house a blank check to do what they will. He used to call the religious right “agents of intolerance” but now he has cozzied up with them.

For president I want a man who says what he means and means what he says. By that measure Obama is the better candidate. Sure Obama is occasionally duplicitous but McCain seems to be most of the time these days.

Republicans seem to have one solution for all of our woes. Tax cuts. Well we had lots of tax cuts under Bush Jr. and our economy sucks. I’d argue that a lot of the reason why we are in the hole we are in is because the tax cuts and massive deficit spending. If Democrats are the tax and spend party Republicans must be the Spend and Spend party. The worst thing is that the Republicans borrowed money not to invest for our future but to throw it in a black hole of a war that was one of the biggest mistakes our nation has ever made.

Obama’s not my 1st choice. He’s actrually my 3rd. My first choice was Dennis Kucinich. My 2nd choice was John Edwards. While Obama isn’t perfect he is worlds better than McCain or anyone on the other side of the fence at this point.

Answer #14

First of all, the upperclass doesn’t necessarily work harder. Janitors work hard. Garbage men work hard. They just don’t get paid as well. Upperclass people often get better jobs, because they went to better schools, because they grew up with more money and could AFFORD better schools. What happens if you were born into a poor family and couldn’t afford to go to a fancy school and get a good education? Well, you can’t get as high a paying job. That’s not their fault. And is it fair to tax people without money so that they go bankrupt? I don’t think so. I’m sorry, but I don’t think its fair to make someone homeless.

Personally, the main reason I wouldn’t vote for McCain is because Sarah Palin is stupid, and if McCain dies, I don’t want her as our president. Also, Obama’s plans for education and environment are much better. McCain wants to support children being educated at home using a computer. What about families with both parents working? How can a little child stay home by themselves at a computer? Obama wants to increase the eligibility for Early Head Start, give out more scholarships, and make community colleges free, which in my opinion, is much more helpful- not everyone can afford computers. It seems to me, judging by the education plan, that McCain wants to take away federal funding from education and move it to Nuclear Plants, which will just make our environmental problem worse- what are we supposed to do with all of that nuclear waste?

Answer #15

um, no I will always question someone’s motives, bias, and research competency. that’s a rule of good journalism. I’m not just going to take your word for it. like I said, I have no idea who you are.

political subjects are very merky…not even the politicians themselves can tell you what side they are actually on. therefore…I question everything. I don’t blindly trust.

Answer #16

that’s not fair to tax us!!

Decrease the tax load of people who can’t afford it, an increase the tax load of people who CAN afford it. THAT’S TOTALLY FAIR.



and I dno im scared ye cause obama is muslim

Damn… you have NO idea what you’re talking about…

Answer #17

“Obama wants to tax the upper-class…the ones who are working the hardest..”

This is about one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. They make the most money, but many times it has little to do with hard work and more to do with what family they were born into.

Unless they make over 250,000 they will not pay more in taxes, and if they do, then they can afford it.

Answer #18

Just because your family is considered ‘upper class’ doesn’t necessarily mean they work harder than any of the lower classes. I know loads of people in the lower classes who work really hard for every cent they get, and they’re still just on the breadline. I think the assumption you just made is pretty rude.

Answer #19

Obama will bring the change this country desperately needs. McCain will just fall asleep in mid sentence. He doesn’t care about this country ecomically. People just don’t like Obama cause he’s black, which has nothing to do with anything. He will help make this country better…that’s what I, and many other people think. If McCain becomes president, this country will get deeper in the hole than it’s already in. And the upper class DOESN’T work the hardest. I hate it when people say stupid stuff like that. They barely have to work. That’s why their upper class. I’m lower middle class and I and my family have to work our butts off. We work just as hard as any upperclass person. Obama is for the people. McCain isn’t. Period.

Answer #20

how do I know that??? I don’t know who you are. and when I asked you to research it, you didn’t.

Answer #21

I wonder if there’s ever been a nation that taxed itself into prosperity.

Answer #22

Then pray with me, pray to the great Endaldischite, the ever-righteous celestial meteor.

Answer #23

Hope & Faith. we need it.

Answer #24

I dont

Answer #25

He says he will take income from some to give to others, to be determined by his administration - sending checks to some who pay no income taxes - Redistribute - if elected get ready - 401k’s very possibly next.

Answer #26

The answer is no… What’s unfair is to tax the lower class into poverty so that the upper class can continue to live luxurious lives.

All I’m saying as that just cause someone is in the lower class, doesn’t mean they haven’t worked just as hard, if not harder, than each upper class person. Garbage man was simply an example, and if you think that a Garbage man can afford to pay the same amount or more taxes than the CEO of a company or a newspaper editor, you are mistaken.

Answer #27

good enough to support a well sized family, keep them happy, AND pay a ton of taxes?

Answer #28

waste management says that the median annual salary for a “garbage man” is approx. $24,000. that does not include the amazing benefits (listed below):

Health Comprehensive health care coverage Prescription drug plan Dental plan Vision plan Salary continuance (short and long-term disability) Employee and family assistance program Retiree medical Family Flexible spending accounts Adoption assistance program Education savings accounts WM scholarship programs Vacation Holidays Financial Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance Business travel accident insurance 401(k) plan with a generous company match Employee stock purchase plan Legal services Employee discount programs w/ various companies Professional Development Tuition reimbursement program

so…with all of the benefits, I say you could support a small to medium family if you budgeted your money correctly.

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