Why do you feel aborton is a good choice for a teen mom?

I am doing a neutral article on teen pregnancy, and I would like to make sure that I cover the pro choice side of the arugement, as the assignment is to write a neutral article. If anyone on here has had an abortion, or thinks it is a good idea for a teen mom, I would like for you to please explain briefly why you believe it was/would be the right choice at that point in your life. Feel free to answer anonymously, and if I decide to use your response in my article, you will remain completely anonymous. Please do not simply post to say that you think abortion is wrong, etc. I have already gathered information to support the pro-life arguement, and since I am not writing a pursuasive piece, I need to show both sides. Thanks so much for you time!

Answer #1

well, I’m about as pro-choice as someone can get, so I miswell give this question a go.

first of all, some pro-life people say that if it’s a teenage girl that’s just being careless, then she should have the baby because she needs to take responsibility for her actions.

This is… horrible. even if it was an act of stupidity, there are MANY other ways for her to take responsibility… but she SHOULDN’T take responsibility, by toying with someone’s (the would-be child’s) LIFE. Honestly, dealing with the embarrassment and humiliation she’s bound to receive from her friends and family is bad enough. She could potentially ruin somebody’s whole life just because she made a single mistake? Everybody makes mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers, and abortion, in a sense, is just using the eraser; except instead of correcting capitalization, it’s used for saving several lives (the girl, her family, the father, his family, the would-be child).

Babies are expensive ($70,000 to raise the average child in America) and adaption can be a really long process to go through… not to mention there are so many children ALREADY up for adaption in the world, that orphanages all around the world are filling up rapidly.

Now, the pro-lifers want to ban abortions… okaaayyy…

Last I heard, America was still a free country… Did something change overnight? This is just more government control. Shouldn’t the choice be up to the woman on an individual basis? why should every pregnant teenage girl, victims of rape, and their families and friends, have to throw their last option out the window, because some fundamentalist in Washington disagrees?

If we outlaw abortion completely, then we’ll get girls trying to do it themselves with coat hangers, and people without medical experience selling abortions. We saw it with prohibition and marijuana, a law or regulation isn’t going to change people’s actions.. wouldn’t we rather these girls at least SAFE and with an EXPERIENCED doctor when she gets her abortion?

And this last one is a bit of a gray area. The idea that abortion = murder. Many abortions are done early enough to where the embryo is just a few cells, smaller than the eraser on the tip of a pencil. this can hardly be considered human in my opinion. Again, this differentiates depending on what you believe. But that kind of goes along with my other point. In this country, we have freedom of religion, which means we are free to believe what we want to believe. If one woman believes that abortion is indeed wrong, then it’s HER CHOICE, she’s not being forced to get an abortion. But there are MANY people out there who believe it isn’t wrong, and if those people truly need it, then BY ALL MEANS they should get an abortion, especially when it is their last / best choice.

In my opinion, abortion is far from murder, in fact it’s the opposite. There are desperate women who leave babies in dumpsters just to be rid of them because they feel THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS FOR THEM. THAT, my friends, is murder… but abortions PREVENT things like that from happening…

its plain to see that abortion SAVES lives… not the other way around..

I hope my post was helpful, it took me a little while to write it… let me know if you use anything I said, you can use any or all of it if you want…

Answer #2

I personally think abortion is alright before 4 months. I don’t think the baby is really alive by then. The baby doesn’t really have a soul in my opinion until it’s born. I think it’s okay especially if the girl was raped or if she was responsible before and used protection. I think if the girl was not responsible enough to use protection before then she should at least take some responsibility. But if a girl’s heart is just not into it then it’s not. And adoption is a long process to go through but if a girl does decide to get an abortion, no big deal the baby’s soul will move on. It’s sort of hard to explain how I feel about it but I hope you got some sort of idea of what I mean. Sometimes it just depends on the circumstances

Answer #3

Even though I am sure your paper was submitted long ago, here is my opinion.

I , myself would never have an abortion, I have no right to tell someone whether their decision to have one is right or wrong. And to Katarina, regardless of what your opinion is about "when the fetus is alive" the fact is that something cannot grow unless it is alive and by day 22 (from conception) the heart is formed and beating. By week 3 the brain starts to develop. Week 5 the eyes are forming along with fingers and toes. The mouth has its opening and the 3 divisions of the brain are formed (just like in a fully developed infant and adult). By the end of the 2nd month, all the organ systems are in their place (though still developing), the first movements are taking place (meaning the fetus is moving), and the fetus is about 2 inches long. By 3 months the baby is 3 inches long and has its own unique fingerprints. It also is "practice" breathing in and out, some babies will also play with their feet at this stage. At 14 weeks he or she may be sucking their thumb, 15 weeks you may start feeling the baby move, week 16 the baby has learned to breathe by breathing in small amounts of amniotic fluid which helps to further develop the lungs and you are able to tell the sex of the baby by this point by an experienced ultrasound technician. So well before 4 months there is so much going on with the fetus/baby that you cannot just simply say "it's not alive so it's ok". That's just a cop-out reason to agree with abortion because you don't know all the facts. 
The common argument with fetal development is, some people believe the fetus is a living being from the moment of conception, where others say it is not alive until it has a heartbeat. But as I said, fact is, something cannot grow unless it is living, dead things do not grow. I do not believe it is living from the moment of conception because that is the point in time where life MAY or MAY NOT begin. The sperm could penetrate the egg, but until it is fertilized and growing there is no life to it just yet.  
 Now, that being said, there are circumstances which I think I could agree with abortion, rape and incest. I was raped, and had I got pregnant from that I still would have chosen to have the baby, after all it's not the baby's fault. However, no woman should be made to feel like a "baby killer" because she chose to terminate the pregnancy. 
Though I think if a female/male makes the conscious decision to have sex (protected or unprotected) she/he should be prepared to face the consequences of her/his actions. Just because someone uses a condom does not mean they are "responsible" it just means they are aware of the risks but still choose to take those risks. Condoms are not 100% nor is birth control. They often prevent pregnancy, but sometimes they do not. I was on birth control when I was a teen, I also got pregnant while on it. So things don't always work out like you imagine they will. 
  I would not say it's "no big deal". That is a HUMAN LIFE, no matter how small it is, it is still a human life. I do agree though, that if a females heart is not in it, she should not have a baby. Not saying she should terminate it, but it is ultimately her choice. Adoption does not take that long if you are giving up a child. Putting your child up for adoption is as simple as telling the prenatal Dr you dont want the baby/telling the hospital staff you dont want the baby or taking it to the Fire Department, Police Station, Church, Hospital and handing it to someone there. They have a "no questions asked" policy when it comes to that, just to stop un-necessary child abuse/neglect. The only time adoption takes longer is when a person/couple is adopting a child. They go through various screenings and background checks and many other things in order to be able to adopt. 

Sorry for the lengthy post, I just get annoyed when people base their opinions on what they are told by others vs actual facts. Not trying to be rude Katarina, just trying to say do some research before you make a decision. An abortion is a HUGE decision to make, there are a lot of mixed feelings a person goes through when she has had one or is thinking about having one. She is then stuck with guilt (among other things), whether she chose to terminate, give it up, or keep it. I know a lot of girls who have had abortions. Each one has their own feelings toward that decision. A few regret it because now that they want to have a baby, they can’t because, one had to have a total hysterectomy (uterus/tubes/and cervix are completely removed), another had cervical problems that caused her to miscarriage every time she got pregnant, and another had cervical cancer. I have never seen someone so devastated. Like I said, research, learn and even ask someone who has had one, go to a Family Planning clinic (some also do abortions) and talk to people there. I never knew more about abortion until I talked to someone who had one.

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