why do so many people hate Miley Cyrus??

Miley is one of my idols…I mean she’s sooo amazing…but I dont understand why so many people hate her

Answer #1

She is a terrible actress. She can’t sing at all. She has no sense of style. She wouldn’t have even gotten anywhere if it weren’t for her daddy so I have no respect for her “work”. Her voice and facial expressions are so annoying that I won’t even watch any disney shows anymore in fear of her popping up. She incourages multiple personality with her egocentric miley or hannah lifestyle. Plus she is way too young to be running around half naked and getting pictorials done with no top on. That is not a good influence on little girls like you. A lot of people are jealous of her though but thats not why I hate her. If she is your role model maybe you should rethink your life choices.How about mother Teressa as a role model? Or someone who just actually did something good for the world.

Answer #2

I would guess that they think that she is not very talented or a good person. I think that she is a wonderful actress and singer. For the most part, she is a good role model.

Answer #3

because shes irritating, and not a very good actress. shes not really good at anything. but thats just my opinion. I can understand why you like her, especially because of your age. go ahead and like her! dont worry about why other people hate her.

Answer #4

shes a b* I hate her tell she died and tell she gose to hell but I have a one what ticket to hell for her lolz :) that wasent funny I will bye one for her

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Same here. Miley is my rolemodel, yet I don’t get why people hate her? I think its because all of those photoshopped pictures that were sent out. People say her voice is so annoying, which its not. I don’t know. The people that hate her, has not met Miley, nor do they know her personaly.

Answer #8

first of all she has a terrible voice and I never thought that she wld wear clothes wch are almost half naked I thought she was a sweet person but in real shes just a loser dats it!!!

Answer #9

Well.. There’s been said so much here about her.. I saw one single biografical programm about her in parts and I’ve heard or seen nothing else about her. BUT. I can say a few words on the point. And I think my comment would be interesting ‘cause it’s like an opinion of someone who hasn’t seen any of her photos were she’s half naked, hasn’t heard anything bad or good about her and can’t be envying her ‘cause she’s absolutely unknown in Russia (where I live), and I think my opinion on the matter may have sence and be interesting.

I think people make their impressions about each other not just by the way they act in life or what they’ve done but just by the way they look (this is a mother fuckin damn important factor) I’ve heard people around me- mostly in cinemas comment different actors and what I always meet with is that they need just one second to begin to dislike someone just because of the way (s)he looks(!) and say something nasty about him and go roung saying stuff like “that boy was so discusting” to people not even knowing this poor guy or girl! I think the same problem maybe taking place with this famous (in USA) girl. I didn’t like the way she looked the moment I saw her, she makes an impression of somebody very stupid (like in life, not that she’s not educated and stuff) and feeling she’s sooo cool- I dislike fools who show off, especially if they are female, ‘cause this sex interests me far more than the other (I’m a boy) BUUT. Do I know whether she’s a fool or not and if she is really so damn proud of herself and showing off or it’s just a false impression of hers (we don’t choose our appearance, it’s not our fault we look this way or another)??? NO, I do not (she just damn looks so), and though that I don’t talk about this impression of mine of Cyrus to people like those described earlier (from the cinema) I can’t stop thinking so and won’t till I’ll meet her personally or will find some other evidence. This is normal btw. We see some girl and don’t like her at first (her appearance) then we get to know her better and like her or can even fall in love with her) or sometimes the person makes such an impression that you just can’t start liking him no matter how you try,no matter what a good person he is( this is unfair but so widely spread around( remember the ugly guy from Notre Damn de Paris? He was a very kind lad,but… May this be the explanation of why people hate her?? I think a percent of people may dislike her in a way described by me.

And, I also have an impression that she sucks in music and acting ‘cause of everything I told about her impression on me higher, BUT, I don’t know for sure. But in my comment I was - talking theoretically. I will never listen to her songs or watch her movies or write her name in google search, ‘cause she definately sucks and is stupid, and can’t sing, and is a bad actress no matter how hardworking she or her dad are ‘cause I simply see it by the way she looks. BUT though that I’m right about her making such decisions without any prove we may make mistakes. P.s. I don’t hate her, I just think she sucks and is nothing.


Answer #10

people hate miley because of the oh-im-so-hot photos of her being shown in the internet.some people like her songs but hate her to death.and maybe some of them hate her because a children like 4 years and above copies her in every single way..

and I bet you dont think that she’s a good role model anymore..


Answer #11

a lot OF PEOPLE HAVE MADE MISTAKES IN THERE LIFE!!! I mean honestly look at michael jackson (no offense to michael jackson fans) he took drugs and DIED but does anybody hate him ah NO!!! he was like 55 years old!!! and he made the mistake of DIEING!!! miley cyrus is just a teenager think about it how would you feel if somebody just picked on you because they didnt like how you sounded I mean she has made some mistakes but she could fix them- Max (im a girl)

Answer #12

Miley is cool! She just came out stop talking bout her wow she wears shorts every girl does. Who doesnt wear shorts? Leave her alone

Answer #13

It’s life kid…When you’r famous your going to have fans who love you and people who hate you(without a reason ado) But I’m actually not a big fan of Miley Cyrus but I respect her for her hard work and effort.

People tend to forget that she’s only 16…she’s still young and if you look at a’lot of 16 year old girl’s , I bet you half of them would act the same as her.

Answer #14

because she just seventeen or I dont ,as I was saying a young girllike that should not be acting like a big woman,when I see her on some photo shoots I see she showing her body and people ae putting that on computer , miley if you were in jamaica your parents would beat you for putting on tattoo,and also you can,t sing so stop putting your slef in it.I cant believe you hate twillight must people love it miley stop following people puttingv on tattoos your just young, my cousin is in the same age as you are and he is in collage ,I been think that jamaican people have more grades than calfronia people and also american , miley hannah montana movie is ssstttuuuppiiiddd ok miley so I want you to move up .chia

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