Why do so many people hate Miley Cyrus?

Why do many people hate miley cyrus? or dislike her? I really dont like her singing and stuff. her acting is good, kinda. but many people I dont know despise her. just give me an answer

Answer #1

some people are just stupid. how does she act immature? and also how is she fake? jealousy. I love her! (:

Answer #2

because she some stupid person who thinks she can sing and act but she s*cks at both! she needs to f8cking end now befre she becomes the next britney spears

Answer #3


Answer #4

well I dont hate or.. I dislike the fact that she grew up saying “oh im a christian. God Bless…” and her dad was saying how he wants her to do the right thing.. and now she’s turning into lindsey lohan.. from this cute girl, to this out of control teenager. she’s not following what she said she’d follow.

and nick jonas has nothing to do with why I dont really like her.

Answer #5

I dont hate her either buti think she isa bad role model for littler kids like showing her bra in pictures shes not a normal kid I dont know why everyone says that she is a celebrity so she has to sed a good example.

Answer #6

some of these are just stupid, everyone needs to stop and realise she isa little girl, we were all annoying at that age! Personaly I like her even though her songs do get on my nerves everyonce and a while, but so does MIA Paper Planes

Answer #7

I LOVE the hannah montana show. but she needs to stop singing because she sounds like a mouse. and I don’t know how she is in person but her character as hannah montana is quite annoying as well.

Answer #8

I think Miley cyrus rocks… a lot of people don’t like her for her pictures but… if you think about it how do you know she did that… maybe her poporatsi made those pictures… they are sick and twisted and would do anything for money… and as for Miley not being funny… How does she get people to love her… her dad can’t force people to do that… You haters just think negative of her because she better than you’ll ever be and she can sing… You all probally sound like walresses

Answer #9

Her acting is wooden, fake and superficial, her show has an annoying and very thin plotline, the script of her show is cheesy and predictable and she dosn’t write her own songs. She is a fraud!!!

Answer #10

miley cyrus is just another celeb.I don’t know why people obsses over her sooo much.me personally I think she is a spoiled little rich kid that doesn’t know how to go out and get anything on her own

…it’s what I think about her don’t kill me…

Answer #11

I think she’s a talented kid. I don’t like her, I don’t hate her.

Answer #12

because she is dating, or has dated nick jonas!

Answer #13

I heard she like partying now and and wants a tattoo in PEOPLE TO PEOPLE and they were talking about her dresses that she wore really short at the teen choice awards.

so I think she like turning into a slut in away but like if you were famous you would want the whole entire world to know.

and being a celebrity is tough you always have to do the right things and be up to date on fashion I mean she was critizes on a few of her outfits.

and her acting has gotten better her first season of Hannah Montana was horrible!

I think Emily is better but yea

and a few of her songs are okay.

Answer #14



Answer #15

I think Miley cyrus rocks… a lot of people don’t like her for her pictures but… if you think about it how do you know she did that… maybe her poporatsi made those pictures… they are sick and twisted and would do anything for money… and as for Miley not being funny… How does she get people to love her… her dad can’t force people to do that… You haters just think negative of her because she better than you’ll ever be and she can sing… You all probally sound like walresses

Answer #16

She is a silly person sometimes though, she called in on Ryan Seacrest and tried to sound like Daniel Radcliffe. It was on a video on you tube that I saw it. Don’t believe, look it up.

Answer #17

Actually, Im not really sure. She is a bit annoying or irritating to me, but I dont hate her or anything. I just think she acts kinda childish too much. But hey, a lot of people love her, so good for her for having so many fans.

Answer #18

Gyrl u should see her myspace page. Alot of people like her and then alot of people don’t. Personally, she not my fav person but I don’t got nothin against her

Answer #19


Answer #20

she is a decent actor, but I think her music STINKS. She didn’t really earn her fame, Disney channel just told millions of kids (mostly young females) that have no real tastes that she is famous and a good singer and wallah, she made 60 million last year alone, and is on the road to be a billionaire by the time she 21 or something. that’s why I don’t like her. Never have, and probably never will.

Answer #21

She has nasssty teeth.

Answer #22
  • She’s such an attention whoree.

Sick—> : |

Answer #23

I USE to be a fan now she is a freak! It was so weird how she was one of the most famous person in the world and then al of a sudden (plup) its gone!

Answer #24

Liked her at first, but she just bugs me now.

  1. It’s important you work hard in that business and put yourself out there to promote yourself, but EVERY time I turn around she’s there. It’s annoying!

  2. She’s losing her voice at 15, it’ll be shot by the time she finishes puberty or shortly after. She’s an ok actor, though.

  3. I can’t stand how she tries to act all alluring and then pretend she’s innocent. what the f*ck, I don’t care which, just pick one.

  4. The photos were unacceptable for someone in her position. As much as I hate her for doing them, I HATE her “parents” for not keeping tabs on their child! And I could be wrong but I don’t think they were even with her on her tour! There’s no way in the world I’d let my teenager do these things alone.

You’d think they’d be down-to-earth country folk with values, but they look to me like trailer trash with money. Clean it up Cryrus’!

Answer #25

Yeah, but she acts immature. There thats a better word. No, she doesnt act childish because she’s a child, shes a teenager. 15 years old I believe. When your 15, you dont act childish, you act like a teenager. Anyways, yes she is a “child pop star” but, she can act more her age. Just because she performs for kids, doesnt mean she has to try and be one.

Answer #26

she is a skank. she learned young and needs counseling because sooner or later she will be arrested for prostitution when she goes broke. her acting/singing careers will not last long.

Answer #27

At first she was a little innocent grl but now she is growing up tooo fast like the rolling stones mag.thing…she is turning into a bad rolemodel for my lil sis and evrygrl that looks up 2 her

Answer #28

seriously, guys…how do we even know Miley Cyrus is her real name?? I mean… it certainly isn’t HANNAH MONTANNA!

Answer #29

because she a dumb sh**

Answer #30

Miley Cirus, Jamie Lynn spears, Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey lohan.. (However you spell her F*cked up name) Started young in there careers and thought they were going to be big hits, first it was Brittney everyone thought she’s was hot young kids idolized her, then she started to go berserk. Then the bizarre factory where they got Britney, created the new plastic, Paris Hilton. She then got messed up too, drugs, super anorexia, ect. During the Paris Hilton years another even newer plastic was in the making Lindsey Lohan, she functioned well for a few years and did heroine later. To increase Plastic production the factory decided to make Jamie Lynn, and then Miley Sirus, Jamie Lynn ended up getting pregnant, now the factory is depending on Miley Sirus so they are using her to make money off of little kids and thus also influencing people so young to do stoopid stuff too, the stoopid stuff that she will most likely end up doing, like the above celebs.

Well there’s all of thet and people that aren’t little brainwashed ten year olds prefer real music not lip sync.

Answer #31

I think why so many people hate Miley Cyrus because she:

tries to hard all those photos leaking can’t sing can’t dance racist (used the and word to a young Black fan) ugly fake bad teeth with/was with Nick Jonas betrays her religion

only people that seem to really like her are older men and children under 10 and there parents.

Answer #32

She’s trying to be someone shes not which is really annoying. Shes an okay actor but its a little cheesy. And her singer isn’t the best its more like a want to be voice in my opinion.

Answer #33

her voice is horrible. ya know she has a butt shaped birth mark on her face but she uses make up to cover it up. if you want poof click on any photo and look real close.

Answer #34

I think her eyes are pretty …but her music, acting , and specially her teeth are really bad

Answer #35


Answer #36

I don’t h8 her because h8 is such a strong word I just dislike her but I do like her music evn tho I kinda h8 her voice but luv her music…and I know she only got famous because of her dad unlike other stars who got discovered by people…her acting is okay but not the best of the best kids like her because shes famous now and that people like her songs well most people so I dislike her but I don’t h8 her

Answer #37

People hate Miley (Destiny whatever Cyrus) because she is the next plastic role model for young teens. She’ll soon end up like Brit and Lindsey, god, who wants that for a role model? Child stars are always Fked up because the limelight goes to their little pubescent heads. They go out and embarrass themselves and some moronic little teen might just follow suit. She’s an ok actress, but her singing sucks. Calling her music ‘rock’ is an insult on par with calling the Jonas Brothers or Camp Rock, rock. It’s just wrong. So Miley, continue to act, but SHUT YOUR FKING MOUTH!!

Answer #38

how can anyone say shes dumb or immature you dont even know her all you see is what is on tv!so dont udge somebody because what you see on disney channel or the news!!!I think shes a great singer and better than a lot of people I have heard sing so take your hating asses and give off some negativity some where else!

Answer #39

Reasons why I hate her: She looks like a chipmunk! She’s the biggest fake I’ve ever seen! She’s ditzy! She’s cruel to all her fans! She really has no talent! She is a HORRIBLE role model for kids! She’s a hypocrite! She sounds like a smoker (probably IS!)!!! SHE’S MILEY F*CKING CYRUS!!!

Answer #40

I like her but not that much. she is a very pretty young lady. very beautiful. but she’s not really a good singer. I like her being funny and simple but I dont like the way she’s growing up now. she’s growing up liberated now. too bad.

Answer #41

She is Annoying. She haunts the internet, I see her everywhere now. But she appeals to children and teens that fantasize. She has no talent in singing whatsoever. Her show is very annoying. I haven’t laughed once by it. In short, I just don’t like her.

Answer #42

by here acting and people have said this to me to she is just doing it for the money which isnt letting those whose passion is to act have a chance. I dislike her for that reason and she really isnt that good of a singer or actress at that

Answer #43

I think she is great, honestly people are so gulible to the media they think everyuthing that televison etc. is true AND ITS not! sure maybe some of her mistakes are true but, doesnt everyone make mistakes? she is awesome, people just forget that even miley cryus isint perfect, it makes me so mad…how poeple judge other people so quckly!

Answer #44

She’s also a future paris hilton, wait till she 18. Sex tapes, plenty of upskirt shots, who knows probably anthoer jamie lynn lol. She ain’t bad looking though…but nick jonas broke her I think.

Answer #45

Because she is SO stupid! She is a horrible singer, actress, and dancer. She also took stupid pictures of herself!

Answer #46

Her acting is wooden, fake and superficial, her show has an annoying and very thin plotline, the script of her show is cheesy and predictable and she dosn’t write her own songs. She is a fraud!!!

Answer #47

All I have to say is that rather you like her or not…keep your opinion to yourself. You can say ‘oh yea I don’t really like her music.’ But it’s rude to call her bad names and stuff because ho many of you actually know her? You can say you hate her all you want, but you can’t really tell if you’ve never met her. I, personally, like some of her songs. I do admit that her singing isn’t the best in the world. I think she plays her role good in Hannah Montana and those photos were a little inapropriate for a Disney Channel Star, but honestly, I think she just wanted to show people that she just isn’t a little girl. She IS growing up and although she’s a Disney Channel Star she’s still a human being. For God Sakes, one mistake and people are ALL OVER HER about it!!

Answer #48

bottom line most people are liers and just hate her for datting Nick Jonas, just like they hate AJ for dating Joe, and Demi for having a crush on Joe Jonas,and It’s true> also they say she’s too inmature, but when she acts mature they say she acts way too mature for her age… I personally Love her I am 18 adn I think she ROCKS, she has talent, and ther’s no doubt about it, unless you are a Nick jonas Overprotective lover(I have nothing against JB I love them , they are cool, but it’s the true some of their fans are freaks) more like stalker

Answer #49

people just need to leave it alone. no she doesnt have the best voice in the world but she does have a pretty good one. lots of 15 year olds take pictures like she does on myspace…its just because shes famous that people are bothered by it. her father had nothing to do with her getting on hannah montana. and you cant hate someone you dont know..you can dislike her but theres really no reason for it. in my opionon she hasnt done anything wrong..!! just keep doing what your doing miley..more people love you than hate you…

Answer #50

Ok, I like miley but sometimes she gets on my nerves. I dont hate her, and I dont like her I dislike her. I dislike her because well when you think about it, on TV you can tell that miley knows that shes pretty. And On some Episodes she really needs to try harder on her acting. And ya I have to agree with some people that her singing is a little childish. And a lot of people are right about her being famouse because her dad was first. Just I read in this book about her, that she didnt really work hard to get where she is today. Her dad did kind of get her on tv pretty quickly.

Answer #51

I don’t hate her but it is so annoying to hear her all the time. some of you say shes famous because of her father hes such a one hit wonder. anyway I don’t her her but I don’t like how where ever you go espcially where I live she is shoved down your throat. anyway I don’t hate her because im an adult and shes just a child. so obviously that would be ridiculous. anyway my little sister loves her. don’t worry for all of you who dislike her shes big now but later she’ll be just a memory.

Answer #52

To the people that stand up for miley I belive in what you say. I am 12 a fan myself I stand up for her. My friends say she sucks, but you know that there just jelous. If you are teens typing crap about her you should shut your flipping mouths. Your jelous because she is bigger than you. She did not become famous because of her dad. No offense to him, but no one would hear about him if it wasn’t for her being on disney channel. I didn’t even know about him until I saw Hannah Montana. If you are a teen mom typing crap about her your jelous because your dauhter can’t be her. If you rude people became famous you wouldn’t want people talking TRASH about you would you !!! I DIDN’T THINK SO!

Answer #53

The reason I believe is most understandable is the fact that she is under 20, and, unlike most people her age, doesn’t attend school where a lot of students are studying and working hard to strive for something, but for miley, she gets the easy way out. She’s making more money than people who have to work hard for their wages.

Answer #54

because she puts slutty pics of herself on her myspace

Answer #55

she is a full nonsence fake.she just irritates me.get her Imao…!

Answer #56

I think she is gay.Just like Obama / o-rock-yo-mama

Answer #57

she acts kinda childish too much

…she is a child.

Answer #58

dude, cause she’s a pop star want to be, of course shes going to act childish, she sings mostly for kids

Answer #59

No. She’s famous because she’s the newest “Disney Child Star” …that type of talent ALWAYS has an ‘instant audience’

Answer #60

because shes taking over the world! her music is lame emily is a much better actress on the show

Answer #61

I hate miley for evry reson possible.

Answer #62

She is a huge fake!!! I abhor her!!

Answer #63


Answer #64

O.K. this will be easy. She is stinking rich and famous and she has NO talent!!! She can’t sing, she can’t dance, and she can not dance. She has also gotten slutty, and on stage she dances sexually. Her lyrics to her songs are also really stupid.

Answer #65

1.she didn’t got the role because of her dad, if she did then why did she get turn down more than once fro the part? 2.her dad is gettin even more famous because of her, right now she’s bigger than he is,

  1. she made the Jonas Brothers bigger than they were and many people dind’t even know them before stupid Nick said “ I have a crush on a girl and Zac Efron arrenged the encounter, he introduced us”
  2. her voice is really good , if you don’t know about music , then so be your choice but my cousin is 23 and he goes to music school since he was 9 he loves her voice.
  3. they only hate her cause she dated NICK jonas or because she’s got money they don’t
  4. “not worked hard enough for it”, she moved all the way to California for this, and left her whole family & friends, plus works harder than lots of people who’s older than she is, her tour just ended adn she’s going to start filmin the movie, then after that, filmin the new season, and she’s also working on her new album. she’s bigger thaan lots of you
Answer #66

I don’t hate or dislike many people do. But I’m kinda saying that. Cause Iooove her!!! She totally rocks. And I went to her concert in october. But SOME people are jealous. and some thinks she is a lesbian, slut and such. SOME PEOPLE ARE JEALOUS WHO SAYS THAT TOO!! Haters don’t say I’m NOT jealous. I didn’t say you were. I said some people are.

Answer #67

Well idk about other people but i hate her because shes fake. she cant act, sing, or dance. and she takes inapropriate pics too but people dont say stuff about that but they say it when vanessa hudgens does it? at least shes old enough too.

Answer #68

the people hate miley cyrus is JUST JELOUSE she is a great singer great role model unlike britney spears

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