Why do people hate Miley Cyrus?

I dont get it? She is so beautiful, talented, and amazing. I hate the fact that EVERYONE is making a HUUUGE deal about everything she does! Like the Vanity Fair pictures. You see her back! Oh my gosh. Yes, she was wearing something underneath. Its not fair. She’s a normal 15 year old, like me. I’ve taken stupid pictures like she has. AAAHHH!

Answer #1

OSme days I hate her some days I dont I think its just becaus ei am so jealous she has everythuing AND she is tight with the Jonas Brothers…she’s not bad, I’m just jelaous but she sis very beautiful

Answer #2

well listen.

I dont HATE her I just think she is totally fake. She is trying to be a role model but really, is she? first off, have you seen all those pictures of her? its discusting. here: http://issuu.com/honeybee223/docs/ewac2 that proves most of my point.

&& on top of it, she decided to stop being Hannah Montana and start being full time Miley Cyrus..Thats a GREAT idea but her reason is stupid..she says she wants be make more mature music and be more mature style wise…so basically in otherwords, she doesnt want to be the “rocker idol” that little girls look up to anymore..she wants to be full time skank.

wonderful idea Miley, quitting the one thing that MADE you.


Answer #3

I love miley she is awsome

Answer #4

well, im a big miley cyrus fan and I agree with you. I can honestly say that people are just jealous and if she wasnt famous they wouldnt be making a big deal out of it. she just likes to have fun and people obviously have nothing better to do.

Answer #5

It’s stupid to love or hate Miley Cyrus without knowing her. You don’t know her from watching her show.

Answer #6

Honestly, I think people hate Miley because she never truly earned her fame. yeah, she may have wanted to be an actress, or a singer, but it’s because of her dad being who he is that made her as famous as she is today.. I read too that she would’ve never been cast as Miley on Hannah Montana if she didn’t have such good chemistry with her dad for the show.

Answer #7

It’s because people have nothing better that to critic other people!Famous people.Were there on top of the world they try to remove all the positive things about them and see the negative sides on celebrities…

Answer #8
  1. she is ugly!!!
  2. she cant sing
  3. she cant act
  4. her dad got her the ‘Hannah Montana’ role
  5. Disney gave her a $50,000 neckles for Cristmas and she returned it because she said it was ‘Low Class’!!!
  6. she charges way too much money for her conserts
  7. and she makes songs for teenagers but her only fans are little kids… THAT IS WHY I DONT LIKE MILEY CYRUS/HANNAH MONTANA

hate me or luv me… I dont care… (everything I said is true… I dont lie…)

Answer #9

I love her, and she wasn’t cast because if the chemistry with her dad, she already had the part and she made her ada audition, plus she auditioned to be Lily not Hannah, If it was the case then howcome Emily Osment who auditioned for the main role didn’t get it? I believe her brother is WAY more popular than Miley’s dad. Miley has a voice to kill for, and a lot of critics think so too, she always gets great reviews on her concerts, and the Jonas don’t but they have lots of girls kissing up to him since tehy are “ Hot?” what ever she got the role fair and square her voice is AMAZING, and a lot of people likes her out of the teen category, and kids. her show is awesome if you don’t laught is not ehr problem, may be you got issues for hating on a person you don’t know, she does a lot of good charity, and is trying really hard,

she is only 15 and works a lot, you can’t really say she does not deserves to be as huge as she is cause she is sacrifice a lot, like her friends back in her home town Tennesse, her privacy, and the fact that now she is probably one of the most hated girls in the country which is lame since about the 96% of the people who hates her don’t even know her other thatn on tv, or by mags.

GIRLS ARE ALWAYS going to BE CATTY AND THEY ARE ALWAYS going to ENVY OTHER GIRLS FOR WHAT THEY HAVE, and in this case Miley is living her dream and doing what she loves the most, and she knows that not everyone loves her, but she is okay with it, she lives with it everyday and she is doing just fine

Answer #10

everyone will have different opinions of everyone while some people love someone, other people hate them. other people dont care, ect and celebrities are people who are well known so a lot more people love and hate them its nothing to get worked up about though its just life and a lot of people who are bad influences are still loved by many people its also a teen thing during the teenage years kids are more likely to love or be in love with a celebrity and then they wonder why people hate the celebrity they love its because people are allowed to either love or hate them…or not care at all

Answer #11

lol, I agree. celebs are real people with real lives and humans who make mistakes just like every1 else. they are not gods or rare animals that are put in glass boxes for display. whenever celebs make mistakes like taking x-rated pics or forgetting how to spell a word, it ends up on the news, but average people aren’t judged for the same mistakes. celebs are thought to be role models, why not the everyday average joe or jane? just because someone is in the spotlight and they screw up, they are thought to be terrible horrible people. oh come ON! the world of people that worship celebs and follow their current events and gawk at every slip up they make needs to GROW UP! it’s not like thay haven’t done the same things. if this were happening to an average person, it would be classified as stalking.

hope this answers yur Q =D

Answer #12

Because Miley Cyrus haunts the internet, her face is everywhere, people praise her… In short, it’s very annoying. Everyone acts as though she’s some sorta alien or somewhat. But seriously, I don’t see the big deal. She can’t even sing that good, her show sucks(I have never laughed, ONCE), and she only appeals to children, and SOME teens. Most people just find her verrryyy annoying, like myself.

Answer #13

shes such a bad actor is swear to god

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