How do the people that run this site know when someones picture isnt a certain person?

i dont get it i will see people getting in trouble for posting fake picture, but i dont understand how they could possibly know, because they dont know the people so it doesnt make sence to what they really look like. and how do they know when someons birthday is wrong?

Answer #1

We cross reference them to see where the photo is posted online. 99% of the time, a fake photo is posted in the public domain.

Answer #2

if someone say they a girl and theirs picture is of a fat old bald man, then i guess that one way

but other then that they really don’t

Answer #3

oh but my photo is online cuz i looked myself up on google and it pooped up with my picture, like my myspace picture and all my other acount picture, thats why i dont really get it

Answer #4

“Online” and “Public domain” are two different things.

Answer #5

Well, if someone has a picture of a celebrity…and says it’s a picture of them, then that’s a give away. If someone has a picture of some sort of model (it doesn’t look like an actual person), and that exact same picture is on google images or something…then obviously, it’s not them.

If someone has 90 years old as their birthday, then obviously it’s not their correct birth date. What 90 year old person would come on FunAdvice, or even know how to get on the computer? If someone has 20 or 30 something as their age, and they ask a question like “How can I get my parents to let me date?” Then, that’s a give away. If someone has a certain age on their profile, and later admit to being a different age…then obviously, their birth date is incorrect.

Answer #6

ooooh ok

Answer #7

ok thanx and lol about old pple not knowing how to get on a computer. my granny is old and she is on the computer all the time

Answer #8

Well, I’m just saying. Almost 100% of the time, when someone has their age set as 90…it’s not correct.

Answer #9

yea true

Answer #10

my photo is on google images though o_o the link is to this website…thats kinda scary

Answer #11

Right, but it doesn’t come up on the public domain using a search

Answer #12

Usually it’s the obvious wrong age thing like Angel said. Also some people have their age set to 30 or something, then have pictures titled ‘me’ and the picture is of a 9 year old.

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