Why do people think that jews are stingy?

I get that its a steryotipe but were did come from its evan true lol im jewish I now
Just wondering whats up with that?

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Stereotypes... I believe it started because Jews were bankers (and my history and knowledge of this is a little hazy) but Jews were allowed to lend money with interest while early christian law didnt allow it... something like that?

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I'm jewish and I get taken the mic out of me all the time. It pisses me off yer. But I just laugh AT THEM. They are the low lifes that have nothing better to do than pick on someone for who they are.. Pathetic in my mind. So if any of you out there that take the mic out of us. Well, fool you. We are laughing straight back in your faces.

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I think that it is a good to understand stereotypes. The world is full of them, good and bad. I am actually writing a paper on this now before I stumbled on this post.

I believe that the stereotype that sticks to blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and others aid in the overall understanding of that particular group. It lays a framework. However, they do not define the individual.

I think that is very relevant to society a proper stereotype, and by proper I do mean either good or bad, but also well constructed not just saying, for example Jew are tight with their money, or Mexicans are all illegal immigrants who drink Coronas and tattoo every single number that is relevant to their life on their neck.

If Jews have a connotation with money that comes back from a time long ago that had to do with early banking, so be it, but the only thing that it tells me is that when approaching or entering a conversation with a Jewish person I must be aware of these things and it is on the individual to prove me right or wrong. In my life I have met Jewish men and woman that fall in and out of the stereotype.

As for Mexicans it is known that 57% of all illegal immigrants in this country come from Mexico. 23 million Mex are legal, and only a fraction of that are from legal immigration, the other percent is mainly of legacy US born Mexicans, which does not account for the immigration status of the parents.

Stereotypes are a necessary factor to society and proper stereotypes are based on facts and not intentional rumors made to defame or demean a group of people. It is wrong for people to predetermine an individual based on a commonly known stereotype, because especially in this day and age, the individual is so much different, but the values and the traditions that are instilled in them at an early age are the ones that fall into a stereotype.

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I believe it has to do with usurance, or, lending money and charging interest. Ages ago, christian people who were owed money had to cancel the debt if the person could afford to repay them and they were not allowed to charge interest. As such, they were not in the best position to be bankers or money lenders etc so the jewish people who did not have this same rule took advantage of this, as you do, it would have been a good business oppurtunity! I guess people in the time didnt like them much because there is a tendancy amount people to not like paying people back! Its really quite riddicoulous the stereotype still exists today!

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Because many are uneducated and some are just cruel.
Stereotypes are horrible...

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the Talmud?

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lol jew gold I loved that episode yeh your probelly right lol

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Jews have very much smarts when it comes to the money. They get good educations, which lands them a good job. and everyone hates them for being rich. :)

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Jewish people have a lot of good things. Education, decency and family but when it comes to money they are a nightmare! I have a Jewish boss who is a nice guy and pretty flexible but in money matters he is so tight I have to pinch myself to see if he is having a wind up! I think it's good to be careful with money but not so careful you piss people off.

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Because they are racist ignorant idiots.
Don't they know that someone from any ethnic background is equally likely to be stingy?

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dont you get annoyed when people treat you like sh*t?

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Jews do in fact love money, they love it so much that six million lost their lives for it in the fortys. haha.

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I'm not Jewish, but I love Jews so I'm always sticking up for them when it comes to stereotypes and such. Jews have historically held positions dealing with money-- like bankers, so they tend to get that stereotype pinned on them. Even now a lot of the upper class neighborhoods have a lot of Jewish families-- because they have money.

Also, historically Jews have been in the minority because, A, they didn't have their own homeland for a while, and B, they look at themselves as "chosen ones" so their religion is dubious in others' eyes. That and the Bible needed scapegoats for Jesus's persecution, so instead of blaming the Romans, or say, the emperor that actually had him crucified, the Bible said Jews took the blame without a qualm. What better way to secure loyalty than to have a group for everyone to hate? *rolls eyes*

It's a lot of things-- but honestly I think the stereotypes are amusing because it's usually not true.

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Jews people are tight. I dated a Jewish guy who earned £80,000 a year. I brought home £15,000 a year and I had to pay for everything. When the relationship ended I was broke and he still had his money and I will never forget that.

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Im Jewish and I am definitely not stingy. What I am is smart with my money. I spend what I can afford and I make decisions that maximize my money. Moreover, I have no problem spending thousands of dollars on a nice vacation or to remodel my house or on some other venture that will serve me well. But I'll be damned if I'll pay an extra 50 cents on some item in the supermarket if I dont really need to. My father used to say "its easy to piss your money away and then you have nothing". My mother would say "you must be a judicious spender". You know what? People are just jealous of Jews. They are envious and wish they could be like a jewish person. The funniest thing I see, and I see it all the time, is when some goyish slob with no real money at all is out there throwing his money around like he's some kind of big shot - out there pissing his money away - and then when he has no money left he's blaming the Jews for it.

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Im muslim, from what I've heard and gathered jew familys will all meet and chip in money for a family member. The family member will then start a business with the money given. If he or she succeeds monies are re-paid to the family members and the process repeated. However if he or she does not succeed...its belived that he or she is disowned by family members. True or Not??? If I've been told a lie then Im lying to you all but thats what I've heard. Good luck to them Money is not everything, but it is important in our life.

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