Why do i keep getting nosebleeds?

Sometimes if I sneeze or rub my nose, it'll randomly just start bleeding. Bad too. Like this morning for instance I woke up, sneezed, and blood started pouring out of my nose. The weird thing is, it's only bled from my left side. Not once has it ever bled on my right side.

I've been using nose spray pretty constantly with allergies and everything so it's not like my nose is dry.

I never used to get them when I was younger.

Is there any way I can fix this?

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I could be wrong, but I believe nosebleeds are the results of dehydration. Perhaps you should start drinking more water and see if they stop.

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try a humidifier...and a few drops of eucalyptus oil!

I used ti get nosebleeds like that when I was a kid right before school too...I would be getting dressed & then sneeze and bam...nose bleed! Sometimes its also because when we blow our nose we pop a blood vessel so dont blow too hard next time as well!

Here is a tip that worked for me...
when that happens next, pinch the top of the nose where the bone is met in between the eyes...hold it for a few mins til the blood is gone.

hope that helped...good luck.

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Another cause for nosebleeds is the air. Usually dry air since there's a lack of moisture in the air and causes the skin to be tight and easily ripped, even the nose.

Try putting a bowl of water in the house/rooms and it should evaporate, and it should help keep the air a bit moisturized in the room.
I've never tried it so, I can't say if it'd work or not, but, it's worth a shot haha

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blood vessels that are too close to the surface of the skin inside your nose. You have to get them cardurized by the doctor. Easy in the office, takes 2 seconds.

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