Why aren't I taking softball and school seriously?

I don’t take anything seriously. Like Softball, or School and things around the house. I just see school as a waste of time. They add stuff to learn that we wouldn’t even need, and softball is just something that I like, but I just do it to keep me from being bored. I don’t care about a lot of things. Could it be just from my past? Not saying I’ve had some terrible life, but it was far from being good. Could it be because anything that I’ve ever cared about was always taken from me so I just gave up? I want to actually take school and softball serious. But I just can’t ?

Answer #1

If you say you can’t you’re programming your brain to think you can’t, when in reality if you really set your mind to it, you can. It can be hard to get motivated in school, lots of people don’t take it seriously. Things we learn in school can help us in different careers, things you think would be worthless to learn are actually vital. If you want change in your attitude towards school and softball you’re going to have to actually try.

Answer #2

It’s hard for me to even care about my family. I’m not close with any of them.. literally, and they all screw me over or just ship me off to some other family member. I honestly only care about one person in general and it may sound kinda of stupid but it’s my boyfriend. Not everybody knows what all he’s helped me with, and everything else in my life. But it’s hard for me to care about any human other than him. Can’t trust nobody and can’t talk to anybody. Not even a therapist, they only want to dose you up on pills. It’s just hard… for anything.

School’s going to be starting August 25th, and I’m going to be a sophmore. Last year I said I actually wanted to TRY. Didn’t work. I did a lot better in school in the beginning, I mean they weren’t A’s and B’s. But Better than F’s all year. It still wasn’t good enough for my guardians. They both said I didn’t even try, and I only tried 10%. They said some harsh things, but I just completely gave up after that. I didn’t care, and I barely passed my Freshman year.

Answer #3

Yes, it very much may be because of your past. You may have a survival mechanism now to stop “caring” about things, especially things that interest you. Do you care about yourself, your family and your friends? Start by caring about things that are the easiest for you to care about such as healthy eating habits and sleeping habits. Then try caring more about your friends and family and their happiness and wellbeing. You don’t need to go overboard. Do something that really interests you whether it is eating at a nice restaurant, rock climbing, softball, going to the beach, dancing, etc. Then focus on school last. I agree…lots of school can seem pointless and boring. Just try to work hard and do your best without sacrificing your emotional well being. Make sure you have a good balance between fun and work. Setting goals for yourself also works too. After you reach a goal (say, getting an A on an exam or doing something really great at softball) treat yourself to something. That something could be taking extra long walking your dog in the park, a mini vacation, or just the happiness that will eventually come along with reaching your goals. You can make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. It really gives you a sense of purpose and something to achieve. Do your best but you can still joke around…you don’t have to take everything seriously…life is too short to take seriously, but too long to waste not caring and being bored. I wish you the best! PEACE!

Answer #4

im a soccer player and an umpcoming college freshmen..when I was like on the 3rd grade I too did not take my sports seriously? maybe im too young?but know I came to love the sports..have passion in what you do…same as ffor school,dont take it for granted and reasoning out that you dont need those other info..we never know?and dont just gave up…dont let anyone tell you that you cant do anything..the SKY is your LIMIT.. peace! ;)

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