Why are my coaches making us dress like this?

In volleyball,we have to dress in shorts.Okay well they are stretchy cotton,lil shorts that BARELY cover by butt!!! And we have to wear spaghetti straped shirts…I hate it!!! In cheerleading,I understand we are SUPPOSSED to be lightly dressed…BUT NOT LIKE THIS!!! For practice-We have basically the same thing as we do in volleyball. For games-We have lil mini-skirts like the practice shorts,but they are skirts…And the tops are belly-shirts…That are like sport bras!!! SO why do they make us dress like this…I mean it makes the football players and all of our boyfriends happy,but we do not feel comfortable dressed like tramps!!! Please I am just looking for answers!!! And PLEASE no one tell me to quit or confront the coaches!!! 1:It does not effect me THAT much to quit… 2:My mom HAS confronted the coaches on MANY ocassions!!! Thnx, iluvbabies28

Answer #1

This is what your question says ‘’:It does not effect me THAT much to quit… ‘’ also nowhere did you say that it isn’t a school.

If that’s not what you meant to say then change it and I can’t listen to written text. Considering the other answer, that’s a possibility since you need large amounts of flexibility when it comes to these kinds of sports. Also, I doubt that teachers would have some kind of interest in teenage girls (especially female teachers). Just get used to wearing what you have to wear and that’s it.

Just to add, I doubt any guy is watching you with what your wearing so why should it matter so much. It might affect you while playing a game but seriously its just you and a bunch of other girls/women. It shouldn’t affect you that much, just get used to feeling a bit more loose and that’s it.

Answer #2

well it could just be that it is easier to move around in in volley ball you know you have to move fast to get to the ball before it hits the ground. or the coach could be doing it for his/her pleasure… but I dont think thats the case…

Answer #3

It’s not at school nuber one…And I specifically said NOT TO SAY QUIT!!! Gosh some people just don’t listen…And both my coaches are women…LOL…Creepppyyy!!!

Answer #4

we dress like that at my school too, except we wear regular shirts and spandex(for volleyball).. my opinion is that they are probably making you wear light clothing because it’s easier to move around…

Answer #5

Your coaches sound like pervs to me. I believe you can file a complaint to either the school itself or the coaches for not providing the right type of clothing. If it doesn’t affect you that much then you should quit. Its not worth having millions of guys look at you almost exposed. If the clothing bothers you that much then I think its time you talk to the principal about the clothing or bring your own clothing. I certainly don’t like what your coaches are making you wear, its sounds like your practicing in a bra and underwear.

Answer #6

the coaches are probably perverts… ewww.

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