How can I impress the basketball coach during tryouts?

does anyone know anyway I can impress the basketball coach cause tryouts are the day after thanksgiving and I need to know what to do to get on freshmen basketball team I’m 6’3 160 pounds I think I’ll have a better chance of making the team then everyone else since I’m the tallest one there and because there’s know tall fresmen the next tallest is 5-11 6ft plus the last time my school won a title was 40 years ago and because I live in a mostly spanish area and I’m black so for the coach to get a 6’3 guy that like a blessing I can score,block,rebound the only thing I really can’t do is shoot when I shoot from like 20ft away I miss it badly does and does anyone know anyways I can shoot be because I’m going to need to show the coach my jumpshot and if I don’t have one I might make the team so if anyone can help me can you give me any tips on impressing the coach and shooting the basketball and I’f you read all this thank up peace

Answer #1

If your mom is cute ask her to flirt with the coach, if not maybe you have an older sister that will flirt with him. The coach might think he’ll get some for letting you make the team even though you sound like you don’t know anything about basketball.

He can always justify it because your tall and goofy.

Answer #2

HUSTLE ALL THE TIME, and if your shooting is bad tell him so he can help you with it!

Answer #3

i have been on 3O teams and i am 15 u gotta work hrd dnt give up and dnt b last always work hrd evn if u THINK ur coach aint look bc they no

Answer #4

just work hard during tryouts it dont matter how tall you are or how good you are at shooting the coaches usually pick the people that try hard and you need to belife in your self cause im in 9th grade and last year in middle school I didnt make it because I didnt belife in myself and I wasent really trying hard and we had the varsity tryouts at my school this summer and I made it and im only 5 6

Answer #5

hustle, hard work, listen, make good decision, team player no hot dogging

Answer #6

score points

Answer #7

Its natural to be nervy about tryouts!

Look you already have an advantage because of your physique so why the coach would not let you in cuz of that i dont no! All you have to do is chill out @ the tryouts cuz when i tried out for my sports team everyone was panicing so dont! Waltz in there like you know your stuff (But not too boastful ;) and if you can’t make the shot then whatever!, let it go because the thing with a team is to get better at what you are doing as well as win matches So top tips:

  • Confident Attitude Know what you are doing Chill Out *Focus And if you don’t get in dont take it out on anything cuz you know that they are missing out!!!!! Good Luck bbes
Answer #8


honestly at this point coach doesn’t care who is the best shooter, he cares about who will give him the best effort day in and day out, if you come out of the tryouts knowing that you ran the hardest you could, jumped the highest you could, and even when you were tired you kept on giving it your all……….not a lot of coaches will look past that……….he’ll know that he can count on you to give him your all day in and day out, and on game days when it matters most………

hope this helps

Answer #9

I was in your situation when I was younger. i’ve played sports all my life and always ended up making the team I wanted. I played varsity as a freshman. Here is the #1 thing you can do to impress the coach.

WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!!!! Coaches LOVE hard workers. people that run to every drill. Put 110% into every drill you do will help you stand out. Hard work always pays off. I don’t care how big, tall or talented your. If you are lazy and don’t try hard you won’t make the team. I’ve been in many situations where I was the best on a team. I never once had that attitude though. I made sure to always put 100% into everything. Even if it was just running liners. Effort pays off. Not only for you personally to get better. But it will impress that heck out of the people that are watching you.

Don’t take your height for granted. Just work hard, focus and good things will happen.

I’m know 30 years old and have applied this to everything I do in life. I’m not only successful in the sports I play but am making a great living.


Good luck!! Let us know how you do.

Also work your butt off but also have fun doing it. Relax out there and have fun. You can work your butt off and have fun doing it. Look at Michael Jordan. He was the hardest working man in the NBA but he LOVED IT : )

Answer #10

When a shot goes up…do not watch the ball…you KNOW where it’s going (the rim)…find an opponent & box his butt out with all you’ve got. When the ball comes down go grab that thing like it’s the secret rock that will save your mom from being harmed.

Rebound warriors ALWAYS make the team…and they always play.

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