What makes a coaching job in sports a good job?

Over the past few weeks i have been hearing talk about what are the top coaching jobs in the country. Anyway, i hear a lot of people saying that how good the teams are or how good the coach is makes it a top 10 coaching job. However i believe that it comes down to tradition, ability to attrack recruits fan base ect. i was wondering what others think about that?

Answer #1

producing winners.

Answer #2

i’m not sure what ur asking exactly. i think ur asking what are some qualities of a coach that makes him good is that right??? if so i’d say the ability to lead and motivate a team, to give the mental support to the team and during transfer markets to make the right decision on which players to buy sell or loan. coaches also have to have a very good understanding of the game they gotta call the right plays and substitutes in the right time and also know when to rest key players. i’m mostly talking about football managers/ coaches but i think this applies to any sports coach.

Answer #3

I think good coaching skills, in general, comes with success and hard work. Success comes from years in the game, building experience, & finding what works & what doesn’t work.. then applying it to coaching. Good coaches have the ability to inspire players to work & play hard. Their demeanor is perfect for coaching.. like, they are competitive but also have sort of a “unveiling quality” in which they seem very approachable. And also has a good eye for talent, too.

Answer #4

Well i think it kinda depends on the level. Bt a good coach doesnt just mean u win. A good coach is respected bu their players and are good teachers. A good coach has a team where improvement is obvious.

Answer #5

Making The Perfect team And Leads Them to Winning

Answer #6

making urself and ur team proud

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