Why are drugs illegal?

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Because they endanger the general public.

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They are illegal, because of puritan attitudes, and for no other legitimate reason.

If you examine the histoiry of drug prohibition, you'll find it was a reaction to the repeal of prohibition by the very same people who pushed prohibition.

Drugs have been both legal and socially acceptable for most of human history, and suddenly in the early 20th century they became too dangerous? That doesn't make any sense at all.

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did you know?
Americans use MORE drugs than other countrys do even though there's are LEGAL!

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Because of people who support arcane laws and think that by simply making something illegal, it will stop people from doing it. Prohibition is already a proven failure.

It should be a health issue and not a law enforcement issue.

The war on drugs should be led by the surgeon general, not the attorney general.

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because they're bad for you. You might share some to other people and then it will multiply, then everyone will think drugs are ok!

Why are drugs illegal?
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Because they are harmful to one's health and cause people to act without inhibition.

Why is Marijuana considered a drug??

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In response to the 3 answers above me: how can you justify the legality of cigarettes and alcohol? are they not also bad for you? Marijuana has virtually no recorded deaths caused as a direct result of taking it.
Alcohol has thousands of recorded overdoses and deaths. Cigarettes are the leading cause of death (In my country anyway)

One major reason is that the methods of production and sales of drugs make it very hard for the government to track and tax them. which means they don't make money from them.

edit: totally agree with you jimahl

Should some or all drugs be legalized?
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I dont know why but they should be legal...by legal I mean by it selling over the counter and you have to have a license to use them...I rather that then some crackhead selling drugs to little kids and people using dirty needles that can cause hiv/aids ...so if it is sold over the counter there will be clean needles , it is better and safer

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cus you could get crazy and hurt yourself and others and not to mention you`d get high!

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