Why are drugs illegal?

why are drugs illegal? here me out just legalize all drugs make government owned fields/plants for the drugs obviously make an age limit double charges for DUIs that means more jobs for illegals that (face it) us prissy americans wouldnt take for that pay

and prostition? ITS A BUSINESS TRANSACTION and the occupants are making a choice and are aware of the risks itll be safer for the girls

Answer #1

The Gov’t already owns the drug fields…it’s time to open them up to capitalism…why else would we be in the Afghanistan poppy fields?

Answer #2

“it would also greatly increase things like rape, crime and such”

Do you have any statistics to prove such a ridiculous comment? There is a big difference between occasional casual use, and addiiction. Those who are addicted are going to get it whether it is legal or not.

Answer #3

thats exactly my point! so why waste tax dollars sticking druggies with bloodthirsty murderers

I have news for you those crimes will happen regardless

take your head out of your butt

Answer #4

it’s illegal because no bodys going to legalize it because they wouldn’t make profit. because everybody knows how to grow it. not point of selling something where ever and making no profit.

Answer #5

We can all see that prohibition has never worked. Its not working now. And stupid “just say no” ad campaigns do nothing either.

I once heard conservative pundit William F Buckley put it perfectly when he said, the war on drugs should be lead by the surgeon general, not the attorney general. It is a health issue, not a legal issue. The overcrowding of our prisons is the result of insane drug laws. It is much cheaper to treat the addiction, than it is to punish the user.

And prostitution should also be legalized. We have no right to tell a woman she can’t use her body how she wants. Prohibition doesn’t work with prostitution either.

Answer #6

it would also greatly increase things like rape, crime and such drugs affect people on different levels and make them do and act in different ways no one should ever legalize them the only one that is safe is marajuana, and ONLY for medical reasons also, I dont want to walk around a street were everybody is stoned, it would make the world even more unsafe

Answer #7

oh wow thats definitly a “duh” moment on my part thanks for clearing that up

damn foiled again

Answer #8

yeah alcohol sales went up like 40%

Answer #9

yea I agree, its kinda useless being illegal since so many people do them anyway, its like when alcohol was illegal, crime actually went way up in an effort to get it…

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