Why do I feel like being alone so much?

I am 15 and a half. lately I been feeling like I need to be alone all the time. I sit alone outside by the pool. I sit away from everybody. why do I feel like that? why do I do that? Is there something wrong?

Answer #1

I feel like that always I like being alone to think stuff or read I never really had anybody being a closed friend nor cousin nor mom or “dad” nothing since little and I guess I just like it this way I sometimes get annoyed with people around me.

Answer #2

People are different. Some people like a lot of alone time, others like a lot of social time. No big deal.

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Answer #4

no theres nothing wrong with that im about your age to and I do that two often if you have a dog or pet start playing with them while your sitting alone itll help after a while but if your still doing that invite a friend over but if ud rather be alone watch tv listen to music dance like a carazy person thtll get you laughing and just do do it =]

Answer #5

I dunno, im 13 and I sink into my music for hours or else just go to my room and lie in silence, I thought I was depressed or emo or something but I guess im not alone.

Answer #6

hey if you feel so alone is something is going on in your head you know maybe you got some problems in school or in your house is normal but let me tell you something just 1 thing talk to your mom or a friend or someone how you feeling insinde and tell them why u feel so alone talk to someone and belived me there going to help you to not feel alone like right now

Answer #7

ah, I Feel excatly the same way. im not a loner, im not sad or depressed or anything else, I just like being left alone in my room with my computer, or books and dog, sometimes ill just sit here for hours constantly walking to the kitchin drinking orange juice then back into my room, I hate it when people talk to me, I hate it when people are around me, I hate socializing.

I can sozialise, sometimes ill go out and catch up with mates, but 95% of the time im alone, im 19 now and im still the same,Lol. been like this as far back as I remember.

so theres nothing wrong with you and most of the time theres no reason for why you feel that way, dont bother yourself trying to figure it out, trying to solve the puzzel because sometimes there aint one.

its perfectly nature to feel like being left alone, and I promise you thousands mabe millions of other people of all ages feel the same awy as you, so that proves it in itself its not a problem to be solved

I hope that helps. :)

Answer #8

it’s the rebel stage..lol…I used to feel that way when I was your age…but I regret missing a lot because I wanted to be alone and stayed away from my friends or family though it wasn’t my intention…

if that’s your choice…then maybe that is your personality but if being alone also causes you to feel sad or depressed then I say, get out and enjoy the company of your friends and families. =)

Answer #9

It might be a temporary mood thing if it’s just been happening lately.

I’ve needed time alone my whole life though. It’s not that I’m antisocial or that anything is wrong, I’m just introverted. Basically, introverts get drained from bright lights, loud music and talking people and need time alone to “recharge”. Extroverts are energized by loud music, lights and people and feel unhappy when they don’t have constant stimualtion. The types use different areas of their brain and it can be tested even for babies.

Everyone is on a spectrum though so you might be borderline and situations in your life or hormones are pushing you towards the introversion side. Research it a little to see if it applies to you. :D

PS: Introversion is not the same as shyness or antisocial behavior. I think people are awesome and have a lot of confidence, I just sometimes need time alone or with a pet.

Answer #10

7 years ago when I was your age I made that same choice.DON’T repeat what I did,its not good to separate urself from others,because this could manifest into something more in years to come.high school is an important part of becoming socially active,so if you keep feeling the need to sit apart from others,then find someone else that likes to sit alone and try to become friends with that person, and then you can both have more friends or hang out the 2 of u.me I prefer only a few friends,because I like being alone a lot,but im also real tight with them;)gl mate

Answer #11

there’s nothing wrong. some people just like to be alone in their own thoughts. You’re just one among many of those people…so am I. sometimes it feels good to be alone. it gives you a feel of self-confidence. If you feel you’re alone, join some clubs. I’m sure you’ll make many friends that way. but if you’re fine being alone, then it’s perfectly normal. You’re just different like me. you have a different way of thinking. This is a good thing. Not a bad thing.

Answer #12

hey im just like you and I TOTALLY understand. It’s very normal and theres nothing to worry about ok. because if your worried about it then I should be too :) I quite like being alone at times because its relaxing and theres noone there to annoy me. Wanting to be alone is perfectlly normal. Hope that cheers you up :)

Answer #13

Haha. Don’t take it the way I did.

I spend everyday by myself within my house doors. I don’t even see my mum until 8pm or 9. And even then, she goes to her room and I go to mine. ..

SO I decided I was antisocial and nobody likes me. Haha.

Seriously, you’re doing great. It’s normal, you’ll get over it and want to have sleepovers and parties with all your chum diddly chums. Don’t let the chance fly out the window ;)

Answer #14

I love being alone.. I dont’ think it’s a problem.. I get my thoughts to my self… I guess it’s just because I have always been alone.. with being homeschooled and all.. But I enjoy it.. I’m very independent now.. I’m sure your fine.. it’s possibly just a phase any way.. or a way to relax and enjoy your self..

Answer #15

Some folks just like solitude and some a group. some of Both is best Helps you be your self. If your not overly sad just put on some nice soft calming music or a good book and remember you need group time also to develope social skilles that will be used in the job market when you Get older Learn to enjoy the little and simple things in life watch the people around you. . . . . Most of all Learn. one day you’ll find someone you want to share your time in solitude with just don’t be in a hurry.

Answer #16

Maybe you are depressed or you just need time alone. I felt like I needed time alone when I was about your age. I’m 37 now and I don’t know why I felt that way before. Maybe if you have overprotective parents it is your way of getting away from that.

Answer #17

hey if you feel so alone is something is going on in your head you know maybe you got some problems in school or in your house is normal but let me tell you something just 1 thing talk to your mom or a friend or someone how you feeling insinde and tell them why u feel so alone talk to someone and belived me there going to help you to not feel alone like right now

Answer #18

are you upset or mad at someone? maybe you need a boyfriend or something. But just because you feel alone does’nt mean somehting is wrong.

Answer #19

At 15 your body is changing eg: ragging hormones etc,and can be difficult at the best of times. being a teenager is not easy. , hang in there, if you have anyone to talk with, tell them how your feeling, bottling up and hanging out by yourself only manifests any issues you may have, in saying that everybody needs time out,every now and again to collect there thoughts but not all the time.

If someone or something is annoying you , try and look for a positive in the situation (there is always a positive) and keep smiling. You are the creator of your own happiness. Smile it makes you feel better.



Answer #20

Don’t listen to any of the other post about being depressed or sad. You are 15. At the age it is perfectly normal to need alone time, even a lot of it. Solarity is one of the best ways to help you grow up.

Answer #21

I use to feel like that but I found a solution…cutting myself so every time im alone I cut since im so stupid that no one wants to be around the most polite thing to do is hurt my stupid body needless to say it always work good luck

Answer #22

Being Alone, can help you a lot!! because by withdrawing yourself from society, you allow your mind to stop the constant influence of your sorroundings, forcing you to think in a pre determined way… start questioning yourself..what part of what your belief is just a reflection of someone else’s habits, and what part did you figure out…is it truly like that , or it just makes you feel secure…

Take advantage of this time, to know yourself, once you grow up and engage into more social-demanding activities, you wont have this precious time to actually feel and know yourself.!

PS. the contact with others, serves as a way of measuring ourselves, of constant readjustment to the group, don’t totally astray or you’ll lose social contact, and that takes a lotta time to build up again..

this is from an old…-and now vegetarian- Wolf… a stepping wolf…do you like HESSE, maybe you could explore into Damian, and find some answers, or the right questions…

Good luck on your life trip, and Don’t panick…just enjoy the Ride…like surfing..

take care


someone, who was just in the same step where you are now…

Answer #23

–WHY DO I LIKE TO BE ALONE? and WHY DO I LIKE BEING ALONE? are two fundamentally different questions in-it-of-itself: The predominance of these two questions is extremely significant, subjectively being to ones-self. Everything in life is (or should be thought as) judged by relativity; this, basically decides what you do in your lifetime on a day-to-day / hourly / weekly / monthly, etc. basis. I, for one, can relate quite well with this topic: I work in hospitality industry and deal with multiple people on a significant level five days a week, at least. This includes dealing with adults, kids, and their ‘stuff’. Not to give off a negative connotation of ‘stuff’, but the more people ‘have’, the more ‘stuff’ they consume. When I get off work, the only thing that I enjoy is minimal (this being that I enjoy my solitude while I can control on a healthy, rationed-off schedule)—so, therefore you have read it all… I’ll admit it now– I like my time to myself… I’m a person who’s dealt (and by ‘dealt’, I mean am up and close on a day-to-day basis) with people for over ten years now in the hospitality industry. To go back to my idea: You should never judge a person by social status, because life is relative. Life is changing. Keep your head up and stay positive whoever you are. There’s no wrong – just understanding.

Answer #24

No, that has nothing to do with my point.

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