Who owns the Commerce hotel and casino?

this girl at school says her dad owns the Commerce hotel&casino, so I am dying to if its true! so does anybody know who owns it?

Answer #1

The property is owned by a large group of investors, and managed by a five-person Board of Directors. Commerce Casino President/CEO George Tumanjian is a founder and continues to manage the casino’s operations. Prior to his tenure at the Commerce Casino he was a successful real estate developer.

The Chairperson of the Board is Jasmine Mgrdichian who has served in that capacity since 1996. Owning and operating a 25-table card club and hotel facility in Victorville, she has extensive experience in the gaming business. Other Board members include Salvatore Federico, a real estate investor and restaurateur; Haig Papaian, Jr., who managed a family disposal business before investing in a variety of financial interests, and Harvey Ross, who has served as Vice President since 1984 and has had interests in vending machines and real estate.

Ralph Wong, Chief Administrative Officer George Tumanjan, President and CEO Andy Schneiderman, VP and General Counsel Jim Barbo, Vice President/Director of Casino Operations Dante Olivet, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Tim Gustin, Casino Manager John Griffo, Casino Development Manger Dave Mosikian, Player Relations Manager Jasmine Mgrdichian, Chairman of the Board


Answer #2

Her father doesn’t own it because it is investor owned. He can own a SHARE of it. Like a stock. Also, if her father owned that casino she wouldn’t be in a public school.

Answer #3

I think crown plaza.

Answer #4

There are several “owners” the commerce casin o is private share optioned, so that means it’s like stock that is not publicly traded. The majority share holder is Hasmik “Jasmine” Mgrdichian, but due to physical capacity she no longer presides over the board of directors. Haig Papaian is the CEO and secondary share holder and overal talking head.

The Crowne Plaza is a franchise providing management to the hotel portion but holds no ownership in the casin o.

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