How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in florida?

My son wants to travel down to florida, but needs to know how hold you have to be to rent a room?

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The legal age is 18. Also in Panama City Beach, Florida, anyone under 25 has to pay a hefty deposit also. Your best bet would be to call the chamber of commerce in whatever city he is planning to visit and ask them for a visitor's guide and ask if they know the general policies that most hotels in the are have.

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I don't know about in Flordia. But in Missouri you have to be 18.

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the legal age is 18, but some hotels have certain age restrictions.

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It depends on the hotel, I know some say 21, but as long as you've got a credit card, you should be ok at 18.

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I used to live in Florida and it was 18.

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the legal age is 18

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In general, I love to travel, that and my work is connected with the post-mobile movement. And in Florida, I lived for about 2 years and all this time I rented a house with help . To say that I am satisfied is nothing to say. I do not like intermediaries and take only legal services. For good money, there is consumer protection and you can pick up any pocket. Hotels are good level + there is the possibility of renting a car

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