Would you rather go to California or England?

Hi! I’m planning on going on a trip next summer, and I really really really don’t know which to pick!

So where would you rather go?

~California, to go to Disney Land ~England, to see Stone Henge

I really want to go to both, but my parents will only let me go to one :’(

Answer #1

Go to England!!! Cali I hear the people aren’t real friendly there with their busy lives. The only reason why I’d go to California is for the asian guys and the mexican guys.=+) lol

But with England, you get to experience a whole new country and a whole new place! Go to England!!!

Answer #2

Its funny, everyone in the U.S.A wants to go to England, and everyone over here wants to go to Florida, L.A, California. Well let me tell you about England, its a nice place to visit, if you don’t mind the rain and rain and more rain. If you like history, London is the place, its my second favorite city in the UK, and there’s lots to see and do. If you do decide to go to England don’t just stay in the south, come up north, its a four hour drive in a car, and visit Liverpool. It has everything, Beatles museum, great water front, art gallerys, museums(free) great nights out, and the people are really friendly. But and there is a but, be prepared to pay extortionate prices for things. You can be ripped off… You could do what we do, and go to Europe…

Answer #3

England is beautiful, it would probably be best to see more than just stone henge. About 6 years ago my fathr went to stonehenge, but it was blocked off do to foot and mouth disease, so you might want to check into that.

Answer #4


Answer #5

there is so much to do in both. try and figure out what you would do after you saw what you wanted to see.. you’re not going for a day are you ?

why don’t you do like a round trip over Europe it’ll probably cost the same and you can see tons more stuff.

personally, id choose California. good looking boys half naked. sunshine. beach. Disney land. shopping.

Answer #6

California it is then :D

I guess xiigzag’s right- I cant really think of anything else I’d want to do in england. I’m just interested in prehistoric things.

Answer #7

I would rather go to california…there is everything…u can see a lot…go shopping and a lot of other things…I was in los angeles just few days ago and it was great…and last summer in london waf good too but the rain is making me nuts…

Answer #8


Answer #9


Answer #10

i was born and raised in los angeles and i agree with sarahhh it’s NOT that great. people seem to have this stereotype about it that it’s all BEACH and HOT GUYS and CELEBS and HOLLYWOOD and SHOPPINGOMGZ. but it’s not. the beaches in LA are DIRRRTY as anything you can’t even step foot on the sand without smelling the huge stench of people drinking alcohol and doing marijuana, the guys are really not any different from anywhere else because most of the TANNED, HALF NAKED SIX PACK guys came from freaking oregon or alabama or some crap OTHER than la. celebrities are ugly and not amazing in real life, HOLLYWOOD is NOT how is seems in movies, it’s pretty damn ghetto in real life, you will be lucky not to get raped when walking through there at 10pm. shopping is extremely expensive, and normal shopping is hard to do. everywhere you go is gheeetto as heck. the only way you can have fun in la is if you know the ins and outs of the city and you know where to go and which people to stick with and which people to stay away from. it’s like high school drama, 24/7. and as sarahhh says, stay up NORTH like in san fran, it is so so sooo beautiful. i’m definitely moving there in a few years.

Answer #11

Goodness.. what is seriously so great about CA? I live in Los Angeles… not so hot. People think CA and they think rainbows and butterflies and hot guys and naked women on roller skates and sunshine and happiness and happy people and clean beautiful surroundings and TOO MUCH HAPPINESS!

If you want to enjoy CA let me suggest a few places… go up north. Stay in San Francisco or Carmel. Pebble Beach. Any NICE beach city. Los Angeles is great if you know all the little holes in the wall and places to go. Anywhere near LA is very, very dirty. Hollywood is GHETTOFABULOUS as is Beverly Hills, except for one shopping street. It’s just disgusting and you’ll be lucky if you don’t step on a dirty needle on the streets, or mugged. If you’re going to come, at least go somewhere really nice.

I would suggest San Juan Capistrano or Laguna Beach except there is so much fire damage down south. Laguna is about an hour from me, and I was driving through it a couple weeks ago and it’s not pretty.

Go north. North north north. Personally I’d rather go to England. My sister lives in London and I LOVE going to stay with her. Such an amazing place.

Answer #12

California sounds fun! But theres not just Disneyland!

Answer #13

california: its not only disneyland.

Bah… Disney WORLD is better…

Answer #14

I’d say England too but for one reason only – you’re already in the US. In England there is a different sense of space, a quaintness, and an awe when you look at a building that was built in 1066.

Answer #15

Uh…well, I’d probably say California, but that’s just because I live in England and I find it really boring. But there is some good stuff, like the museums, art galleries, castles, stuff like that.

Answer #16


Answer #17

Wow, those things are really polar opposites… I think it depends on what sort of person you are and what your interests are. I’m guessing that those will be the main reasons for going to those destinations, but surely you’ll be able to do other things - I think it will depend mostly on what other things of interest you can pack into your holiday which will determine which place you go to.

Answer #18

The grass is always greener…

Answer #19

Anything you’d want to do in England after you see Stone Henge? Because if not it would be one short and boring trip.

Answer #20

california its not only disneyland. dont forget seaworld, legoland, universal stuidos and of courseee LA shopping and the beach =) its amazing.

Answer #21

england everything is so classic in some places yet so new wave in others

Answer #22


Answer #23

im english, london is good… but california is better

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