Where were you born and what states have you lived in?

I was born in Oklahoma and have lived in OK, Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania (twice), and North Carolina (twice). =]

Answer #1

I was born on gold coast in queensland in australia and I have lived here all my life (only 13years lol) but I have moved house heaps

Answer #2

I was born in Texas I have lived in: florida texas and california cand colorado

Answer #3

born in San Jose California lived in San Jose and Now live in Gilroy,California Lived in Cali my whole life!! (visit my dad,he liv in san jose)

Answer #4

I was born in Biloxi Mississippi. I have lived in Biloxi Mississippi. I currently live in Biloxi Mississippi :) my life’s boring.

Answer #5

born and raised in cali :}

Answer #6

Born Lancaster, California & stay in Riverside California. never lived out of Cali, I’ve visited but never lived there wouldnt want to live anywhree else.

Answer #7

born and raised in valdosta,ga. I have only lived here in georgia and I never plan on leaving.

Answer #8

WOW!!! Thats a freaking lot of moving!

Answer #9


Answer #10

Born in corona CA Staying in riverside Farthest I’ve ever been is las vegas

Answer #11

born in Vietnam and moved to Louisville KY in 96..have been here since and not planning to move because I love and lost people here :-) but would want to visit Vietnam soon though..havent been back yet and nissing it badly :-(

Answer #12

buckle up because im going to move fast :0 I was born in ft. dixx, new jersey from there this is where it gets very interesting (prescott, arizona newburg, new york lawton, oklahoma monroe, ga back to oklahoma back to georgia up to cleveland tenn back to oklahoma back to georgia, to o’fallon illinois where I graduated high school from back to oklahoma back to georgia to rolla missouri then I recently moved to tulsa oklahoma. where im at now. I love it here in tulsa. My band is here as well so are my friends and parts of my family lets all take a breather and get a coke to drink :0 I hope I didnt bore ya lol

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