Which state is better to live in - Florida or Indiana?

Me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in together but we can’t decide exactly where. He was born and raised in a small town in Indiana and wants to settle there. I’ve never been there but I hear it’s beautiful. However, I was born and raised in Florida. It’s all I’ve ever known. I live in the city but hate it soooooo much. Im such a country girl that id rather live in a small town. But I like the fact I’m near the beaches. So what is your opinion? Which has better living conditions? Florida or Indiana?

Answer #1

Well, it’s a trade off. If you hate the city, then small town indiana could be a nice change of pace for you where you could see life from a different perspective. No beaches, but I’m sure there are lakes and reserviors that you could visit. If you’ve never seen snow, (alot of snow) then Indiana will give you that experience for sure, and spring will seem that much nicer. Indiana has hot summers and beautiful falls when the tree leaves change color. I’d say follow your heart and don’t be afraid. You are still young. You can always visit his area first and see what vibe you get.

Answer #2

My friend Kayla said where she lived in Indiana, it was boring as hell and couldn’t wait to leave, but she wanted to move to Cali though.

Answer #3

These days???? The one with the best chances of landing a decent job and better opportunitys. It doesn’t matter where you live it’s going to be miserable if you can’t earn a living.

Answer #4

Why do people think Indiana isn’t as busy as other states? It’s in the Midwest, a busy part of the United States. Where do you think you get some of your food from? Also, businesses choose this state to build their factories and open up new locations. It really depends WHERE in Indiana you live.

If you live near Indianapolis in the one of the surrounding counties, you’ll see a combination of big towns/small cities and farmland or airstrips. Where I live, education is the best part of the state. My high school was in the top 4 Blue Ribbon list (best schools in the state) and we had a 98% graduation rate. People move from Florida, California, New York, even other countries just to attend some of our colleges and high schools.

Yes, it’s kind of quiet here, not much happens in terms of crime and “amusement” like Six Flags or whatever. If you’ve been reading the newspapers of best places to start a family economy-wise, Indiana is among the top 10 because it’s cheap to buy homes here compared to other states. I live in a 3-bedroom 2600sq ft. house that was only $157K whereas I knew a kid who moved to Texas and he told me his parents bought the same sq ft house as ours and they paid $315K.

Answer #5

I agree, Indiana has alot of industry in the state it’s not just corn growers. Cost of living versus paycheck and job future potential are key factors today in your ability to enjoy where you live.

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