Where to hide?

I have to go to court next week. Every time, I am in the lobby waiting to see the judge, my ex and his lawyer use hate tactics to bring me down. They make fun of me. They discourage me. They try and make me believe that they will win and they try to make me believe that I have no choice in the matter. His lawyer gets right in my face and makes up bold decisions which don't include me, fictitiously acting as if she is my lawyer, when she is not. I do not agree with her crappy -parent alienating -money greedy-stupid decisions, and she is not my lawyer. It's pure deceit on their behalf. They try to get me all shook up so that by the time I get to see the judge, I am all shook up. There is this lobby place where I am supposed to wait for my case to be called. And, I need somewhere to hide so that they aren't badgering and b.s. ing me for an hour, breathing their b.s. down my neck! I need to stay the heck away from both of them so that I can remain calm cool and collect (not having been drowned in b.s.) when I meet with the judge. Where do I hide?

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Use the bathroom for a really longg time,,lol=]
Take your I-pod if yooh have onee,,

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dont hide bring earplugs and hide them with your hair... thats what I wood do

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