Where can I find my house history, I think it's haunted

Title.. Self explanitory

Answer #1

I don’t have an info on how to find the history of your home, but I can offer mY support that I believe in ghosts and hauntingS, why,, whats happening??

Answer #2

Ghosts don’t exist, so your house is not haunted.

However, most states have a heinous crime disclosure law that requires homeowners to disclose violent deaths in the house. If your house is less than about 20 years old, it would have been subject to this law most likely. If not, there’s no way to know other than to search newspaper articles.

Answer #3

I just wanted to put my 2 cents in and say I believe in ghosts, I bet your place is haunted if your hearing noises and seeing things move. I never got the chance to look up history on my home. Nobody ever tells me a free online website I could go to, to find that information. I’ve found some sites that cost money. Which I think is wrong because why would anybody want to pay to find out history on their own house? Their own family even? I wouldn’t. That’s me though. I know the information would help out a lot though, proof somebody died in your crib is proof its haunted, or could very possibly be. I know my place is. I’ve heard the stories about my house from my family telling me & the people who lived here before. Something like a man burned a little girl to death in the upstairs…There’s footprints on the floor right now, they come out of the closet and turn into the next room, going straight towards the wall, they end right in front of the wall, facing the wall. The footprints I see everyday is enough proof for me, but the noises & things multiple people have seen really empty the clip. From feeling things touching me, to feeling & hearing breathing down my neck, to the loud booms my brother and I hear in the kitchen, not every night, but often..to the noises I know I hear in the walls & my pit does too because she be looking right at the walls barking her a ss off. Twice I’ve felt someone sit down on my bed next to me & once I woke up to being shooken, but nobody was there. If ghosts do not exist, people who don’t believe, then explain to me why faucets are turning on in other rooms, & the toilet flushed by its self 2 times. I hear footsteps right in front of me. You cant tell me I don’t because I look directly in front of me while hearing footsteps go across the floor, loud like they are right in front of me. One night my mom and everybody else was in the kitchen & my grandma was sitting in the living room, she’s close to blind, she looked up above her and there was a large man standing there, now the reason my family believes this is 2 seconds later my uncle Dre comes walking down the stairs and just stops, looking directly at the same thing, & my grandma hadn’t told anybody yet. One day in the cemetery close by my crib My Mom & My brother & My dad & I were walking and we went over this bridge and someone looked back, then we all did, and there was a woman in a dress on the left side dangling her legs over the edge, as a man was sitting on the other side, & they waved at us. We waved back, turned around, looked back & they was gone. I’m doing this because I have never met anybody who doesn’t believe in ghosts. A lot of my friends believe, and are scared to even come in my house, some just scared to be left alone, its a gag. Trust living in my house is a startling, leave yo a ss jumpy, fun experience. Like going to a haunted house on Halloween. Its just more paranormal & there’s not a million people screaming. I don’t know I just thought it’d be an interesting conversation considering what your trying to find out and what happens in my house. Guess I kinda related. The only thing I’m worried about is if there are more ghosts I don’t know about in my house, or if the ones that are would try to hurt me. Wouldn’t scare me out of my home, but I don’t like waking up with scratches and bruises not having any clue where they came from. That happened to me & a bunch of my peeps at a very old hotel once. It was pretty startling, but I found a laugh out of it.

Answer #4

How fascinating! This could be an interesting journey for you… I’d start with local real estate agents - even the one you bought the house through, can give you the previous owner’s name. Also, title change on houses is public information, and your local city hall will have records going back to the first owner. Ask them what’s involved in digging all this information up.

Sometimes libraries carry old directories and phone books too. You can do a lot of detective work on your own by talking to people who have lived in the area forever. Older people LOVE talking about stuff like that. Pick the oldest person you can find in your local area :)

Answer #5

The Bible tells us that the dead “sleep” and they “know nothing” which means that the dead stay dead until the Lord’s second coming, which will be very soon now.

What you’ve probably experienced is what I call ‘false’ spirits, which means Satan’s evil angels posing as ghosts of loved ones who died…

You see, Satan tries to undermine God at every turn he can. Scaring people with ‘haunting’ their homes is one of those things that Satan does to confuse people making them think that God is wrong when the Bible says the dead are ‘sleeping’ Satan makes them believe a lie.

Answer #6

who dead in my house on 231 East 11th Ave. Mount Dora, Fl32757?

Answer #7

well I dont want to believe but seeing and hearing is believing plus my son is terrified to go upstairs he has a six sense and he has never lied to me in his whole 8 years of life I can tell by his facial expression that he is terrified he is very brave though. I want to know what happened at my house.

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