Haunted house

Ok, for the past few months I thought my house was haunted. Ok so ill tell you whats going on, and you tell me if you think it is. Well, first of all I’ve lived in this house for 6 years, and we moved in right when it was done being built. So, in last october I was going to go to my friends bday party, but my sister called last minute asking me if I could babysit my lil neice for a few hours. It was like, 9:00 and I was sitting in the rocking chair rocking my neice, and she was crying and laughing for no reason, it freaked me out. I was watching t.v., and I looked into the kitchen. I have this big picture frame on this tall, thin table behind my couch. The picture frame has 3 parts connected, and have a small gap in between each of the 3 parts. I saw something brown and fuzzy moving fast and going behind the island in the kitchen. I saw it through the gaps inbetween the 3 parts of the pic frame. We edont have any pets, besides fish, and I was home alone, besides my neice. So I took her and ran to my friend’s house.( the one whos having the party) and I called my sister. I was so freaked out.

Ok, few months later, I’ve been feeling like im being watched, like, all the time. id be in my room, and id hear dishes in the sink move, or the computer chair move, or even keys on the keyboard being pressed. My family was home, but I went our to check who was making the noise and no one was there. In the corner of my eye I see things move, or at least I think I see things move. But once I was playing my d.s. At 10 at night, and my little lamp was on, and my main lamp was on too. It was sorta rainy, but I dont think that effected anything. So I was just sitting there, and in the corner of my eye I saw something big and black move across the lighting of my small lamp. I looked and nothing is there. I was sitting in my closet looking through some junk in my closet, and one of my neices saucer was there, and it had a small rattle. The saucer was laying on its side, and the rattle shook a tiny bit, just enough to make the lil balls inside move and make noise. I know I didnt make it move.sometimes in my room it will be rilly cold, and another time it will be really hot, and we wouldnt have the ac or heat on. Or the fan.

I’ve always watched ghost hunters, and the show called a haunting, but I didnt think my house was haunted before when I first started watching it. Now, am I just crazy, or could it rilly be haunted? Ok, this part made me freak out. But my mom left to pick my bro up from the skate park in my sister’s old kia, and when they drove up to the drive way the horn on the van started going off, then the horn on the truck started going off. My mom always does that accidently, and I thought she just did it again. But I gess not. My brother comes in, and tells me that when they were pulling into the drive way they heard an evil-ish laugh behind them. Joe says he turned off the radio when it stared, and my mom says that she thinks he did the wrong thing to turn it off (the radio volume buttom was messed up) and they said that when they got out of the car, both horns on the van and truck went off automatically. Even my mom claims this. I fell asleem and I had a temp of 100.3 the next day. I don’t know what was going on, but its creepy. What do you guys think?

Answer #1

Get a couple boxes of salt and (when everyone is gone) and sprinkle it all around each room in a straight line, don’t forget windows and doors. When you have done this to each room, Leave the front door open “Command the ghost/all spirits to leave this house in the name of Jesus Christ.” Say “you have died and must go to the light I command you to leave this house and property forever in the name of Jesus Christ.” say it in a loud strong voice…you have the power to command them to leave.

If that doesn’t work then ask a prest to bless the house–each room and all around the house/property—

Answer #2

look for ED AND LORRAINE WARREN on the internet, there should be information concerning what you have just described. wil4life has it right- but with a frightfull twist, negative energy (christian demons) ARE ATTRACTED to fear, anger and emotional instability. generally speaking- simple ghosts do not interact with the living- there are some exceptions- but as a rule, they just go about their business without acknowledging the living beings in the area. was your house built on a brand new lot? or was there a house standing there previously, that was torn down to build yours? according to the book by ed and lorraine warren (the demonologist) once this type of phenomenon has been identified (accepted) it is more or less too late, depending on the circumstances. if this is in the area of negative energy ( the demonic) then the more you notice what is happening- the more power it is gaining. now it could be your imagination as stated by wil4life- so that remains a possibility, but negative energy produces confusion, to get you to delve deeper into the phenomenon- thus providing it more energy to manifest itself. I would definately check out the ed warren website- or check out the book THE DEMONOLOGIST by ed warren. you might find some good advice on the net or in the book. good luck.

Answer #3

As for the black thing moving, I actually had the same thing happen to me…it was freaky…I posted on it, and they said it was my imagination. If your kind of scared to be home alone, you’ll start hearing and seeing things. hope this helped

Answer #4

I think your just imagining things or that your scarying yourself since you do watch those stupid shows which does make you think..so your mind is thinking those thing are really happening when its not… when I was about 9 My aunt told me this story about this girl who got lost in the woods…and never returned so she became some evil woods girl lol.. so I thought she was going to come and get me soo when I was sleeping over my aunts and everyone was in bed… I kepted thinking she was going to come to the door so alittle bit later the door knob jiggled and moved…I dont know if that was real to this day.. I think it was my mind playing jokes on me…This could be happening to you.

Answer #5

wow, its kinda rare for it to be haunted if you just built it. usally it has some sorta history. buut girl that sounds haunted =] poor girl. My brothers and sister lived in a severly haunted house for most of there childhood. they actully got used to it. osmetimes the ghosts would “play” with them. like do totally random things. like My sis would watch tiny lambs make a chain on lambs to climb up her dresser. pretty weird huh? and I knew a girl who lived in a haunted house. don worry. tell your parents. if they dont beleave you. MAKE A HUGE SCENE and say you want to get outta the housse.

Answer #6

Well, I do believe houses can be haunted. But sense you were the first family to live in this home, it wouldnt make sense. ghosts who haunt houses are protecting what they believe is still theirs. Have you had a pet that died in that house? If not, it has to be your imagionation. They dont just choose a random place to haunt. They stick to their homes.

Answer #7

Well, I do believe houses can be haunted. But sense you were the first family to live in this home, it wouldnt make sense. ghosts who haunt houses are protecting what they believe is still theirs. Have you had a pet that died in that house? If not, it has to be your imagionation. They dont just choose a random place to haunt. They stick to their homes.

Answer #8

If you have opened the door to a spirit by watching those shows and put your faity in the spirit you may have them living with you,. are you a christian. if you are then ask someone to come in and pray there. spirits and Jesus cannot exist in the same place one will have to leave. it depends on where your faity is.

Answer #9

sometimes if you watch t.v shows like that and are thinking about it you start to notice noises and end up scaring yourself.

Answer #10

so guess what? we have a ghost in our house but I don’t know if he is still there because now it is my grand parents room… any way this ghost is a nice ghost he wears a hat from the 1940s and his name is frank like I said I don’t know if he is still there but when my grand parents were not living there we would see him from the corner of our eyes going into the room or coming out! WE THINK HE DIED IN THAT ROOM BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A BB GUN HOLE OR WHAT EVER IT IS IN THE WINDOW AND HE DIED FROM SOMEONE SHOTTING HIM FOR NO GOD DAMN REASON!!! WE THINK HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD ANY WAY BECAUSE HE WAS IN HIS 30S IN THE 1940S SO HIS GHOST AND MAYBE HIS FAMILY’S GHOST IS STILL AROUND AND I GET SO GOOSE PIMPLY!

Answer #11

My House is haunted too. I’ve lived in my house for 4 years and seen tons of things…like foot prints on our leather couch, dish towels folded neatly (which my mom never does and me and her are the only ones living in the house) and things moving in the corner of my eye, and taking sooo many picture of orbs. and my mom has even seen a ghost walk out of our house, she thought it was me… it doesn’t really freak me out any more, But if they are really bothering you, go to your front door open it, yell “get out !” (do this when only you are home because your family might think your crazy…) and then slam the door shut. it works. trust me we tried it.

Answer #12

I watch the same exact shows and the same thing happens to me after I watch them but the car thing never did…so your house wasn’t haunted before but since it sounds like your leting your fear get the best of you..now ghosts found it easier to get in…so now your house is haunted…thats just what I think…ghosts are attacted to fear,anger and stress related things…so I think if you and you family calm down it may stop if not you might want to get someone who was trained in ghost stuff to take care of it.

Answer #13

I think it is possible that your house is haunted .

Answer #14

in any case I wouldn’t mess with it anymore then you have too, until you find more answers on the possibilities of doing so.

Answer #15

I think it is possible that your house is haunted .

Answer #16

ghosts are all in your imagination. If you actually believe that there are ghosts in your house, burn some sage.

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