Who knows any details about the Earthquake in Southern California today?

I just read about it, but not in detail. Anyone have more information? My sister is in Huntington Beach.

Answer #1

wow, I hope everyone there are ok!

Answer #2

My ex boyfriend lives in Salinas :((( Is that in Southern Cali?!?! I’m scared now!!

Answer #3

I hope he is ok…

Answer #4

It was a 5.4 earthquake that affected Los Angeles, San Diego, and several other parts of Southern California. The epicenter was 13 miles northwest of Borrego Springs and 58 miles northeast of San Diego. So far, there are no reported casualties, thank goodness. There were, however, aftershocks in Borrego Springs. A friend of mine who does in fact live in Huntington Beach felt the earthquake, so perhaps your sister did too. And i believe Salinas is in central california, so I think he would not be affected.(: Personally, I thought the earthquake was pretty intense though; I felt the house shake for about 15 seconds and I wasn’t even close to the epicenter.

Answer #5

I live in southern cali and i felt the quake. I was like a quick but pretty scary, it jolted (those r the scary ones). When the first jolt hit I jump up from lying on the couch and was like wtf is that then the second jolt hit and I got up to get to a safe place just in case it was a bigger earthquake then it was. Im on summer break so i was at home by myself so I was pretty scared. The news said it was a 5.4 and was in Borrego its close to plam springs

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