What do youll think off the Earthquake,when it hit Chile?

For me when the Earthquake hit Chile,it made me very sad because off the people that are suffering very badly and Economicly. And I sou on the News that they sade that their Economy my not be very good too.

Answer #1

I agee with you ifeelcrazy123.

Answer #2

I heard a day got shortened because of it.. lol

Answer #3

One can send donations even small ones to the Cruz Roja Chilena or via the American Red Cross, but when I asked for information from the Cruz Roja Chilena I e-mailed them twice and they never answered

Answer #4

I dont care. Not about them or Haiti. I have my own problems to worry about, and well noone I knew was affected :) So unless me, or my family are affected, it doesnt matter :] Heartless? Yes:D do I care? nopee.

Answer #5

I thought, it would be nice to help them along with haiti, but were already struggling with money ourselves, so I think other countries should get involved.

Answer #6

I do feel sorry for those people, it is really unfortunate to be stuck in circumstances like those.

Pwincess You are lucky to be born where you are and to be such a spoilt child. It is so unfortunate that your parents didn’t teach you to care for others.

People don’t get to choose where they are born or where an earthquake is going to strike them. You aren’t just heartless, you are just plain immature as well.

Answer #7

I heard a day got shortened because of it.. lol

All of our days got shortened by 1.26 microseconds because of that earthquake, it rotated the earth’s axis ever so slightly.

Answer #8

I feel very sorry for those people who are suffering because of the earthquake. First Haiti, and now Chile. I hope my hometown won’t be next. I doubt I’ll be next because basically all I feel is the aftershock. I’m very lucky to be living where I am.

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