When the ear is red and purple and swellon is it infected?

My ear piceing in my cartlige is red purple and swellon and hurts does that mean it is infected? What should I do? I have no puss or anything coming out of it.

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Um, most piercings dont turn PURPLE whn infected, though that COULD be this case, But, it could also just be BRUISING bruises are red/purple/blue and you did get a hole into your ear, when I had my industrial done it turned a purpleish red it around it, and I asked my piercer my case was bruising, but it could be either or for your case. Id say go to a PIERCER meaning at a tattoo-piercing parlor and ask them, before going to the doctor, the piercer will know more about it. bes of luck

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yes, its infected
purple should not be a colour you see on a piercing
and it indicates an infection or the skin around it could even be dying
you need to go to a doctor and ask them if its going to be ok or if you need to take it out
dont bother going back to the piercer if it was done in a salon or mall because those people arnt profesional piercers and they wont have a clue what to do

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stupid its infect no shit go to the doctor dumb as*

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umm normaly yes but if it doesnt have puss it might not be but get it checked out

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