When im on my period, my clit hurts

Sometimes when im on my period my clitoris hurts. is this bad and I do mastubate like a couple times a week

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girls are supposed to masturbate like once a day, guys...every 52 seconds

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your probably jsut going a little to hard on the poor little thing.
Remember there very sensative "creatures"
you should probably give "her" a rest, or go a little bit softer with it. maybe add a bit of lube to stop friction building up.

Why does it hurt to pee when on period?

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haha well I had to make it playfull because well im a dude we dont get one of them to play with (we borrow others haha) an I didnt want to come off a perve answering a lady problem question :P

Hurts after I pee when I wipe while I'm on my period?
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You may have an allergic reaction to whatever you're using for period protection, try switching brands.

How to make your period late?

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lol osoroshii that was to funny. You probably are being a 'tad' rough. Try using tampons... pads can be harsh sometimes.

Why does my period smell so strong?
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...lol, where did you get THAT information?!?

lol...guys...wouldn't you get...sore???

How do I get my period faster?

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oh...well...that's kind of...unnatural.

Breast hurts very badly before and during period.
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thats what I said ^^

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

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...good point.

Can starving yourself stop or slow your period?
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...ease up on the friction...

does having your period mean you broken your hymen?
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haha I got that from a guy at my school!

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...and 'spongey and bruised' also.

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Yes... we would... and dehydrated...

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ha ha, maybe she'll do it then :)

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