Whats the point of hunting?

I’m not talking about killing farm animals for food (even though I’m vegetarian myself) but I’m talking about forest hunting people shooting deers, bears, rabbits, anything that moves with a pulse or in england its fox hunting (a beautiful and scrumptious creature)

tell me whats the point??? killing for leisure??? that is sick? cant kill mankind so they kill a lower form of life??? pathetic am I missing the point??? please tell me why

p.s fox hunting they might be killed because there a nuisance but if the farmer cant guard his chickens or animals enough then its his fault, and shouldn’t kill because of it

tell me what you think about hunting

Answer #1

its actually for food if you dont have any animals and they do contests

Answer #2

im talking about modern times were, modern western countrys.. so an avrage american man wwould eat a bear??? ok I have an idea… GET A JOB???

Answer #3

They could have use a bow and arrow that they made. Just think about indians, how do you think they killed animals?. They had to make everyhing by hand. which is exactly what people do if they cant afford to pay for real meat from a store.

Answer #4

if they hunt for food they cant afford how did they afford a gun and hunting gear??

Answer #5

I’m a vegetarian but I don’t have a real problem with other people hunting. In a way I find hunting to be more honest than just buying meat at the grocery store and paying someone else to do your dirty work.

This assumes the hunter is going to eat what he kills (and most hunters I’ve met do). I do find trophy and sport hunting to be distasteful.

Answer #6

yeah I didnt mean people who kill and eat the animals I ment people who stuff them or wateva, or have no use over there kill

Answer #7

I think its wrong and disgusting - innocent animals are being killed because people have nothing better to do with their time. Its pathetic and sad.

Answer #8

Aside from everything else said, think about the population. We are building everywhere and taking up there world with ours. How many more people would die with no control over the animal population because they would be on the roads. the state of FL opened up alligators because they were in peoples back yards and eating pets, and kids. Hello, think about what could happen. It might not be somthing you want to happen and I respect that, but think about, What most people bank on for food, clothes, belts, sneakers, leather seats, need I go on and on.

Answer #9

yeah ya know you have to understand that you asked a question and people are just giving you honest answers. you also have to understand inn modern times there are still poor countries…an most people can really have a job. So they can kill a bear if they are starving to death. Hunting is always going to be around so I would just forget whatever kind of statement your trying to send out. and being vetgiteran is very unhealthy and you can die from it, but you can believe whatever you want. But just remember that if people didnt kill animals that they would be dieing more and more often because of over population dieases.

Answer #10

People hunt deer, elk, moose, etc for the same reason, as the rancher raises beef (it’s more sporting, however…there are more misses than hits)…it’s to put food on the table…in the old fashioned way. It’s hard work to hunt, dress out, and haul out game…and it’s not done for “nothing better to do”…

Farmers and ranchers have every right to guard their chickens, cattle and sheep from preditors…tho…hunting foxes, coyotes, or wolves or any animals for “sport”…animals who have no value for food, doesn’t sit well with me…


Answer #11

They hunt 4: -food -money

  • and to keep the population down, because if we didnt hunt more animals would be catching diseases and dieing from over population. -And back people couldnt afford to buy food at a store they could just hunt and kill it for free.
  • the animals are going to die in some point of time so its alright to ease suffering this way.
    ps. if you need more reasons I HAVE PLENTY…
Answer #12

Oh, & you also have to consider that foxes are intellectual creatures. They can get through gates & the so called protection that farmers put up. When a fox is spooted in a chicken koop or whatever its killed so that it wont take any of the farmers chickens. Though I’ld rather ‘em use a tranqulaizer that’s how it is. Wonder why farmers don’t use electric fencies & such.

Answer #13

Killing for food, people eat dear meat & such. Honestly I prefer hunting than going to Mc-a-d’s becz you know hoe the animal died(& because it taste better than cow) & that it wasn’t torchered(least I wouldn’t torcher it-it would be killed quick & swiftly).

But hunting for the hell of it, there really is no point, it’s just a game- a sick, twisted, pointless game. Sure there are times in which people will win trophies or money, but still that’s no excuse to kill an animal & let it go to waste.

Answer #14

So when will they start hunting for excessive human population? Don’t we do more damage than any other animal?

We already DO kill each other regularly…

yeah they should start setting murderers free..you’ll be happier then because that should take care of excessive human population

If you’re going to suggest something stupid, then why not simply kill all the murderers? They cost too much to feed and house annually anyway.

Answer #15

As far as all the points go:

Vegetarianism is not unhealthy. You can eat an unhealthy vegetarian diet or an unhealthy diet with meat. In general vegetarian diets are better than those of meat eaters and vegetarians live longer. Mankind is an omnivore but our digestive tract is closer to that of a herbivore than a true carnivore. A vegetarian diet is probably closer to the diet we evolved with than the modern meat heavy Western diet.

Nature does well without our help. Hunting is not necessary to control the number of animals. Nature has other preditors that do the job nicely.

All that said, I’m not going to think less of someone for hunting. I do know people who depend on the meat they take from hunting to get by. One poor family I knew even took a whole week off to go deer hunting every year to stock their freezer because they couldn’t get by otherwise. Most of the hunters I know eat what they kill so morally I have no more objection to it than someone who eats meat.

Vegetarianism is better for you, the animals, and for the environment but that doesn’t make vegetarians better than everyone else or give them license to judge people with other lifestyles. You are going to win over more people to vegetarianism with rational than with emotional arguments.

Answer #16

So when will they start hunting for excessive human population? Don’t we do more damage than any other animal?

Answer #17

Population control.

Answer #18

no I have had laods of people fight on my questions and I was lsitning to the main point you were saying about to lessen population but you cud say that about humans I suppose?

Answer #19

yes, can you not understand what I have typed. people sometimes kill the animals to keep population down. If they didnt kill them then more animals would die from dieases from over population. so they are actually helping. Im not going to write anymore about this cause its stupid and isnt going to chage anything. + this question will probably be locked if you keep fighting about this.

Answer #20

y what? why would it be locked? Because usally if people fight on questions they lock em.

Answer #21


Answer #22

you cant die from being a vegiterian… you jsut got to find other sorces of protein, im not trying to send a message im trying to say what is the point of western modern countrys killing for leissure, as I said im not tlaking about food im tlaking about lesissure, people can kil for food, not my problem.. im talking about killing for leisssure

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