Your opinion about "hunting"?

I’m curious. What’s your opinion on hunting? I mean… heres my stand on it.

I hunt, with a crossbow. But not as I used to. I’m more addicted to video games, doing stuff with my girlfriend. And other things, I do hunt sometimes, It’s fun to get out and enjoy the woods. And maybe kill a buck, But I don’t kill the buck just for sport, I kill it to eat too. Due to raising gas prices, and everything going up in price, and my dad lost his job due to his company moving… we had to make some major cuts in our living style. Killing a buck (I don’t kill does, but sometimes thats necessary) is a good resort to saving a great amount of money. Another thing is: What happens if everyone went to veganism? Wouldn’t that raise the animal population and cause disease and starving through the animals? Then they would suffer more. I mean, you can bash me, tell me how stupid I am that’s fine… But it’s just like times today with humans… theres starving because there is not enough food out there right now. Now don’t turn it into a political debate. But yea… That’s my point of view. What’s your stand?

Answer #1

I’m a meat eater but I have nothing against vegans.

in my opinion, hunting for food and also for the use of the animal’s other products for clothing and shelter, etc., for individual use is okay with me. But not for purposes of making handicrafts for sale.

I am totally against sport/trophy hunting and hunting for commercial purposes. I’d much rather see a polar bear prowling and living as nature dictates than see its hide on someone’s wall.

I do, however, accept the fact that zoos are beneficial both to animals and to the ability of humans to appreciate the variety of nature.

I am also against killing animals for the purpose of controlling them or other species. Such as killing wolves to lesson their predation on moose. I think mother nature’s way is best. It provides for culling of the weak and diseased. If prey becomes too scarce for the predator than the numbers of predators automatically decreases.

I am also against EXCESSIVE environmental preservation on behalf of animals. If the earth and its environment, including man, has evolved to the point of a species going extinct, then that is nature’s way. Species that are meant to survive and evolve under the current conditions will do so.

Answer #2

hunting is perfectly fine, unless your going to mount the head, my culture uses everything off the caribous and moose, EVERYTHING. even on salmon, everything is going to be used, if you have enough left to mount you aint respecting the animal. We even eat the eyes :) But anything you dont use has to be burned, or thrown in the river, otherwise that animals spirit cant be reincarnated

Answer #3

vegan in the…chat advice room? lol. Im a vegann. Personally, I think Hunting is wrong. Not only is killing animals wrong, but there are other food sources in thee world.


Answer #4

Its ok if you do it to get food, but poaching is just wrong if you poach you need to poached your self

Answer #5

I think that its ok to hunt for food. But just wondering, isn’t bow hunting the most painful way for them to die? It seems like it would be, I dunno maybe its all painful lol.

Answer #6

I hate hunting but hunting for sprt is hwhat needs to be stppoed hunting for food, fur for warmth ect is okay as long as you use at least most of what you kill really the only way to make it fare is to go and kill it bare handed…id say but as long as its not for sport, im okay with it fishing is hunting as well in my opinion

Answer #7

I don’t mind people hunting deer but the people who just go out and kill like bunnies and that I think is absoluetly horrible. my dad and 2 brothers all hunt so I’m used to them bringing home dead birds and deer which doesn’t bother me. If you are going to eat it then I don’t se anything wrong with it.

Answer #8

I am a vegitarian. so tlking abt the subject is desturbing

Answer #9

paul, Survival of the fittest. I guess it’d be my tough luck if it was me in front of the gun.

Answer #10

It’s not wrong if you are just hunting for food.

Answer #11

my oppinion is hunting for food is okay

Answer #12

If ya kill it, ya gotta eat it…


Answer #13

I am a die hard hunter- I believe hunting is the greatest thing to happen to mankind. so I truly agree with everything you stated. I like vegetables too- but only beside a big thick steak, or piled on top of a nice thick burger. hunting is so much more than the kill, it is enjoying the outdoors, communing with nature and the “non- target” critters that are roaming around, it is a truly inspiring experience for me. and that feeling just before the shot at a big buck is pretty great- heart pounding in your chest, adrenaline rush- truly one of natures “natural highs”.

Answer #14

I believe hunting for food is fine, but dont try and defend it by saying it would raise the animal population… the animal population is quite able to manage itself out, if we stopped eating them, then there’d probably be a rise in other predators which would take care of that problem… however, again, if you eat what you kill how is that different from eating other meats… it’s the people who go hunting for fun that annoy me…

Answer #15

dont even think of hunting! what if it was you in front of that gun! would you like it much? with the cute animals even bears y??? would you think of even killing them huh?? I dont like the fact that people can eat or use the fur off of these animals but I love animals I wish I could save every animal in the world! but hunting should be illegal!! would you like me to hunt you? kill one more animal and I will hunt you down!!!

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