Whats a good meal plan if you have diabetes?

Answer #1

basically you need to know if you or other person who has it,need to see first that you know what amount of food you eat, how much you do you do(like sports…)because it deppends acording the people size enrgie and stuff like that. The diet consist on eating : lots of carbs like: bread,potatoes,rice,cookies,fruits,sugar(not in a huge amount ),pasta, because they’re carbs they give enrgie,and the person won’t feel weak or bad, i think that the person whoi has diabetes needs to eat not less nor much. proteins like: meat,chiken, a lot of fish,eggs,cheese,beans(even if they don’t like them). fats like: butte,oil,cream,nuts,pancaces. plan your meal,in a way it’s seem healthy for you, and not just what’s easy,or what you find in the fridge, you should think before grabbing anythingfrom the fridge so you don’t finish wit everything there is in it… use a smaller plate to eat on.. when eating chew easilly and slowly(not too slowly of course..) try to eat less fats(it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat any fats..) so that’s all i can help you with hope it work…

Answer #2

First thing to do is to go to the doctor, so he can inform you all about this stuff and also that can keep you on track with things and do check ups on you and give you your plan to make this easier.

Answer #3

As already stated, a doctor will be able to give you a meal plan. In general, you want to avoid simple carbohydrates and too much saturated fats. Complex carbohydrates like wholegrains are good. Stay away from refined carbs like white flour, white rice (pretty much white anything!). Fruit and vegetables are good, but you should avoid the ones with high amounts of sugar like bananas. You need to keep an eye on your cholesterol, so not too much bad fat!

Answer #4

I’m a type 2 diabetic and have recently started working with an endocrinologist. Your meal plan would be based a lot on what type of diabetes you have (type 1 or type 2), how severe it is and if and what medication you are on.

The main goal of a meal plan in type 2 diabetes is to keep your glucose levels from going too high and also to maintain a steady level without big spikes or lows. They will want you to count carbs according to the nutrition facts found on the label of most foods and only eat a certain amount per meal and per day. The amount of carbs you eat depend on your specific dietary needs.

You will also have to become familiar with the exchange program, which counts 15g of carbs as 1 carb serving. For example, I was recently on an eating plan where I was allowed 3 carbs at breakfast, 1 for snack, 3 for lunch, 4 for dinner and another 1 carb snack before bed. They also like you to pair a serving of protein at most meals and especially before bed to slow down the absorption of the carbs. If you think you have diabetes, you need to go to a doctor to be properly diagnosed, given the right meal plan or medication for you, and have regular check ups to insure this condition doesn’t take it’s toll on your body too much while you are young.

Other things that can help are eating whole grain or “brown” grains opposed to “white”, such as sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, brown or wild rice instead of white rice, wheat or whole grain pasta and bread instead of white pasta or bread and getting plenty of exercise. If you have type 2 diabetes and are over weight, the simple act of losing weight will change the way your body is able to process carbs and make your levels much lower.

Again, all of this is based mainly toward type 2 diabetes, not type 1, and nothing I’m saying takes the place of the advice and care of a doctor. I’m a bartender. :)

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