What's the difference between prosecutors and attorneys/ lawyers?

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The prosecutor works as an attorney for the state and a regular attorney works for the people and they r called a defense attorney

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Prosecuting attorneys don't always work for the state.

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Oh ok I thought they did

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"Prosecutors" is the term for the side of the court case that filed the suit or is convicting the defendant. They are the ones that go against "Defenders" who, you can guess, defend the person being sued. Prosecuting attorneys are basically the offensive side of a court case. They are a group of attorneys.

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Nope :) cause people can sue the state and in that case the prosecutor would be the people.

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Ok I will remember that, thx :-)

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Prosecutor are lawyer who possess a law degree. The prosecutor usually works for the district attorney. Whereas attorney is a professional who has graduated from law school and who is licensed to represent clients in legal matters and they are specialist in specific area.

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