What's your future career goal?

I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)

Answer #1

I aim to be travelling the world an playing bass in a band! I know its a sh*t dream!

Answer #2

Nah its not! It sounds very exciting and im sure if you try hard, you will achieve your aim :D I have a dream of starting my own band and i’ll sing in it :)

Answer #3

Cool! Im into screamo and heavy metal

Answer #4

Thats cool! I havent had a chance to listen to any music lately because pf school though :(

Answer #5

I hate school! i always get in trouble

Answer #6

Im the school deputy head girl so i can never get in trouble >,< school has been busy thsi year :(

Answer #7

Cool! i get introuble for evrey little thing.. school deputy head… sounds like a big task

Answer #8

That sucks -.-“ thats me at home t I think, everyone notices when i make small mistakes but noone notices when my sister makes big mistakes -.-“ Yeah it is, i have to look after everything that goes on at school but thankfully, ive got other students junior to me, as deputy prefects so its fun!

Answer #9

I tried to be school captain at my school but appareantly im a bad influence

Answer #10

ugh stupid people. Im sure you could have done great! Nevermind them, you shoule be confident in yourself :)

Answer #11

My aim is to b famous civil engineer .. nd to be best persn like that , best bf , husbnd, father nd gud frnd

Answer #12

Confidence is something i have very little of. Insecure is how you’d describe me

Answer #13

Civil Engineer…..Sounds really cool!

Answer #14

Mhmm! Haha in my school’s english test last month, i had to write a job application for the post of civil engineer xD goodluck!

Answer #15

God bless to both of u.. ;)

Answer #16

I was the same, but i started doing stuff which helped me build up my confidence level.. I started taking parts in clubs, debates, and many more! That helped me alot. Also my friends helped me too:) we’re always here to help you Jess! Believe in yourself and it’ll start working out :)

Answer #17

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Answer #18


Answer #19

Youre welcome!

Answer #20

haha ha thanku , i hope both of u get ur target soon..and aditi u, criminal lawyr learn to send applicn to civil engr. lolzz

Answer #21

ur mst welcum

Answer #22

My aim is to be a rockstar! :DD Though I suck at anything that has to do with music. And recently I’ve been thinking about making video games..like the one in Sword Art Online ^^

Answer #23

Sorry for the double post ><

Answer #24

Lol im in the tenth grade so we were learning how to write job applications :P

Answer #25

Making video games would be a great career! i suggest it. Im doing an IT course and were learning to do that. But I love my music more

Answer #26

Thats ok i hate it when it happens to me! Lol

And, thats a cool aim. Im sure if you practice, you’ll do good :) Making Video games is cool too :D

Answer #27

i was kiding dear.. remembr ur target n motivate to urself to achieve u aim,. al d bst

Answer #28

Thankyou! Goodluck for ur aim too :)

Answer #29

a makeup artist

Answer #30

Cool! can you do my make up

Answer #31

^^ thats so cool! Goodluck! :D

Answer #32

i wanna get into environment management and be a song writer….

Answer #33

PILOT….flying the big bird without fear

Answer #34

Thats a cool aim! :D goodluck!

Answer #35

Thats nice :) goodluck on both of your aims :D

Answer #36

Have u written any songs yet? :)

Answer #37

thanx :)

Answer #38

yeah my friend is a band member and i have written few songs for them

Answer #40

That’s great advice, Aditi!

Answer #41

“everyone notices when i make small mistakes but noone notices when my sister makes big mistakes”. Tell them you’re Ayushi, not Aditi! They probably can’t tell you apart {;^) (j/k!)

Answer #42

Aditya, that’s awesome! Did you write all five of those? Lyrics and music? Are the lyrics (and translations of the first two) posted anywhere?

Answer #43

translation and lyrics are not posted anywhere right now but soon they will be up when we have a proper website made for our band…

Answer #44

videos with lyrics are available on youtube though… i dont have the translation though but ‘pukaar’ means cry for help ‘o re piya’ somewhat means life partner (in a very romantic way)

Answer #45

Thankyou pumpking! :) haha they actually can tell us apart since we arent identical twins but thanks for the idea, i should try it out sometime anyway xD :P

Answer #46

i want to be an artist.. a car designer or an illustrator.. i also see my self as a musician :)

Answer #47

i want to be an artist.. a car designer or an illustrator.. i also see my self as a musician :)

Answer #48

Thank you!

Answer #49

i also want to become a criminal lawyer someday… that’s why im studying so hard… read, read, read and read coz if you study law you will be bombarded with cases/ jurisprudence =)

Answer #50

I would love to own my own restaurant and create job opportunities for my country and peers.

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