What would make girls want to be anorexic?

I just dont understand…I think that if you are making yourself throw up…than you got a problem. I hate hearing that about gurls…God made you how you are, why try to change it? And how could you even want to make yourself anorexic???Gurls, if any of you do…you really need to try and stop because it is not good for you. Atleast try a different alternative…Does anyone feel me???

Answer #1

First, let me clarify: People who say they want to be anorexic are generally attention seeking. People who genuinely are anorexic often don’t like what they do, but they are powerless to stop it- like an addiction.

Talking from experience, I found eating disorders like anorexia (not eating) and bullemia (binging and purging) to be about control- You lack control in other aspects of your life, so you decide to control your body weight. It is destructive, and half the people with eating disorders recognise how bad it is, but it’s like offering a quit-programme to a smoker: the person has to want the help before they’ll accept it.

So yeah, worry more about the people who ask for help- those who say they want to start are often just wanting attention.

Answer #2

It’s not always girls that want to be anorexic, it just happens to some people when they have a distorted vision of themselves. However, I do think it is absolutely wrong for people to say that they ‘want’ to become anorexic when they have no knowledge of it. You go through so much emotionally, and physically. And people like above ^^ just upset me deeply. But if people are going to be like that I suppose there’s nothing we can do apart from persuade them to stop. =/ Sadly I’ve been through it.. I know how hard it is but for naive little girls to go out there and draw attention to themselves and go ‘Hey everybody I’m fat, look at me. Fat is gross, ugly and unaccepted’ - It makes me feel utterly sick. Some people promote the term anorexia and make it known to the world.

Well.. what can we do. =/

Answer #3

they see sticks on t.v. walking down the runway and want to be like them…

Answer #4

Heyaii x

    Well ma names coopopz.(Nickname) and well I want to become anorexic because when you are it feels reely good because you cn fit into your old clothes and tat. Like about 2 years ago I was really nnice and slim but ova the past 2 years I've gained loads of weight and I've tried 2 lose it by diets and tat but they dont work and so now I will b even betta looking. Hope tat answers your question xx
Answer #5

sometimes its because they have low self esteem so when they hear they’re fat they picture themselves fat and then they see this stick thins girls it makes them envy and finally they think the first day yes I lost 2 pounds. Then the next still happy but ater about too weeks it becomes an addicition and for a moment they are pleased but then it goes to far.

Answer #6

Mothers… (how do I know?) My mother kept telling me to eat less and less so I learned to eat little by little when she wasn’t around. I lost a lot, became depressed and anorexic as a result. :S

Answer #7

I agree w/u but I kinda know what would make girls want to do that my best friend told me the reason she is is because she thinks that if she gets skinny her x might want her back

Answer #8

just to tell you , lex icon, no, your wrong there.

the actual ANOREXICS themselve, dont portray the selves of bein ana. but the girls who put it up on here are called pro-anas, the people who WANT to be ana and fall into the trap

by the way, dont go assuming your right. if you wer neva in the position, dont say it.


Answer #9

Because they have a distorted self image; brought on by the fashion industry, which markets an unattainable degree of physical perfection, that ultimately doesn’t exist.

I feel like I’ve said this before…

Answer #10

i dunno why gurls wanna be anorexic, but i sure dont. im a little overweight (just a smidge) and i see a lot of girls that are scary skinny. they say things like “fat pelple are gross” so i guess they think fat people are gross. i wonder who gave them that idea.

Answer #11

ashouldertocryon: I’ve had my own stomach acid eat away at my teeth. I’ve lost friends because I was scratchy from not eating for days at a time. I’ve had people tell me to “just get over it and eat”. I’ve been dizzy, and almost passed out in class from lack of nutrition. . I’ve been there. I’ve also counseled people who have been there.

I’m not saying I know everything, I’m just talking from experience.

If you care to doubt me, I invite you to take a walk along the halls of the “Young People and their Families” unit at one of the hospitals in my home town. Some of the girls and guys in there, like you said, are not convinced they are anorexic or bullemic. But theres also plenty who know they are anorexic or bullemic, and they know they are eventually going to die. They’re scared. But they can’t stop.

Answer #12

basically, they don’t like the way they look. everyone see’s stick models in magazines and on tv shows and movies, its always the skinny girl that gets the cute guy. they want to be skinny because they think that all their problems will be solved if they were. OR they think that food is the only think they can control in their life. some use eating and food as a way to get control of their lives. so they go anorexic/bulimic thinking it is helping them control their life when actually… it really isn’t.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

Answer #13

The need to be skinny. I know this will sound horribly wrong, but honestly. Who REALLY wants to be fat. Really? who does?

Most anorexics are afraid of becoming that fat person, so they try everything possible to make sure they wont.

I know, I for one. Many people who do that, but take it to the MAX.

It normally starts out as weight loss, or dieting. but then ends in a mess.

Answer #14

anorexia is a death sentence, many of these young girls don’t understand,they think its a way to diet and a fashion trend. Those that have the illness anorexia, yes its a mental health medical condition not a way of dieting,with underlying reasons for their behaviour, are reducing their life span. And even if they do recover and start a eating healthily they can still die from the damage already caused by anorexia, the same goes for bulimia.

Anorexia and bulimia are not fashion accessories unless you think you are going to look good at your own funeral… Hard words i know but very true. If you think its the new way of dieting its not its the new way of dying.

Many won’t remember this person but Karen Carpenter, the singer, died after recovering from an eating disorder, she had a heart attack. She was eating normally but the damage was already done.

Answer #15

Proper anorexia is usually caused by bigger things than just wanted to be thin and beautiful. Mostly it is caused by depression, need for control in life, a way of controlling their life when they have been through trumas that they couldn’t control (i.e. recently I read about a girl who became anorexic after being raped and her father dieing), also if they have been bullied ALOT about their weight they may become anorexic. Most people who become anorexic because they want to be thin and beautiful will only be anorexic for a few weeks occasionally months but they usually don’t become properly anorexic.

Answer #16

I agree with the post above. Its also the boys of today, all they want are the skinny girls to date.

Answer #17

im 14 and I went throgh a time where I wanted to be anorexic bt reading wt people have said about it has made me change my mind. I still look in the mirror & think im fat bt trying to find a safe way of dealing with it because bcoming anorexic will do nuthing but give me more grief! I dont need that! I neva actualy realised what it could do to you so if anyone is thinkin’ of being anorexic don’t be daft be reasonable & exercise…uno the stuff! x

Answer #18

This world that we live in and the voltures who inhabit it.

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