What should ugly people do

Im a 16 yeare old girl and im ugly I bean called ugly a lot of times now whan people call me ugly I just tell tham to fuk off . One time a tacher saw cuts on my wrists and I had to talk to a school shrink she usckt me what happend I saide nathing she saide ok and let me go if I was good looking she wouldof talkt to me and tried to halp me so I gues if an ugly person dies its ok wright? Kuz thare aint no way reali ugly people can find a partner and aint it what life is all about geting sumone to spand the rest of you are life with having children and all that sht? and if you cant have that what is da point of being alife? Cant get a good job kuz people alvaise judge you on how you look so thare is no reason for ugly people to be alife I just want to know what people think is it ok for an ugly person to kill tham salf?

Answer #1

This isn’t a good question dear… just ignore the f*ckers who pick at you. If they bother you always at school ad stuff, talk with your teachers/principal and explain the situation(s) and get something done about it. As for being “ugly”… just accept yourself as you are. Looks aren’t everything you know.

Answer #2

dont let it get to you… be strong, cus everyone is beautiful in their own way… dont let it bother u… kick their as* if they bother you again

Answer #3

Hey! I think you just have a really low self esteem. I agree with dani89- different people have different views on what is ugly and what is pretty. You may not want to believe it but I’m sure there are many people who like you and admire you. I know that people say a lot to hurt your feelings but you shouldn’t take it to heart because people like that are everywhere- we’ve all had to deal with them sum time or the other (I.ve been told That I Look like a rat). I really dont care. Learn to love yourself and whatever you do, dont even think about suicide. God bless

Answer #4

Your not ugly don’t listen to what those sad lil people are on about they don’t know anything. everyone is beautiful some people just don’t realise that. But maybe you could excercize, eat fish/eggs, drink water, plenty of sleep, use spot cream, have a balanced diet etc and feel pretty you’ll feel much better :)

Answer #5

No ones going to read this post because its so late but whatever. A FEW of these posts must have been helpful, but most probably embittered you further. “Beauty is on the inside”, rubbish, this does not account for first impressions, interviews, public scenes and the like. The cold hard fact is that you have endure the fact that your society does not LABEL you as attractive. So fester your hate, hold on to your embitterment and let it fuel your actions. You’ll have a keener eye for scrutiny and be weary of lies. Its really CONFIDENCE that you need, nothing else. This is what people are number one attracted to, not beauty, not your PERSONALITY for all you hippi’s out there, its the confidence that you show around you. If you don’t have confidence then you’ll have to go out and get it. And there are many ways to get it too, be confident in not caring about anyone’s opinion, see them as lesser beings then you simply because you hate their beauty that much. You could have confidence in being able manipulate people or betray them with all the guile of a pet tiger that eats its master. You don’t have to be “Good” to feel better about yourself, you simply have to be confident in yourself then people will like you, love you, or at least respect you. You may not find love but you will find respect with an ocean of confidence and non will look down upon you. Don’t you find it funny that half the people that posted look pretty on their tiny portrait? I did, hippocrates, why don’t you preach your love and justice monologue to the burn victim ward at a hospital and see how many bed pans get thrown at you. Getting wiser or prettier or happier didn’t help get your loved one, it was the boost in confidence that was all it took to get your wife, your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

Answer #6

I hope this isn’t to late to answer your question. Im a male that is 41 years old. I know Im a guy and old but I can relate alittle. I got picked on from kindergarden thru 12th grade. I wasn’t good at dating and I’m still not. I grew up with a lot of freckles, was going bald by the time I was 23 years old. Im not saying that my situation is worse than yours but, just want you to know that your not alone with feelin like that. There is something that you should know. Those people that think that they are better than you arent going to be pretty forever. So they have better learn how to rely on somethingelse other than there looks to succeed. because there time will come. And you will still be beautiful. What they dont understand is the difference between pretty and beautiful. Pretty people think they are pretty and beautiful people dont know it. Its like the hot chic that uses her looks to get what she wants. Then she gets older so she has to give it up every now and then so she can make people think they might get some so she can get what she wants. Next thing you know shes a slut to get what she wants. Then “you” come along and your beautiful. You will find yourself and real people will love you for you. So let them think what they want. And stay beautiful. Okay

P.S. I still struggle with it. But at least I know what I am. Im not a pretty person.

Answer #7

don’t let others make you something. You are you and be happy with that. Look someone told me once DON’T COUNT ON JUST LOOKS IN SOMEONE you WANT TO BE WITH , BECAUSE WE ALL GET OLD, AND WHEN YOUR NOT GOOD LOOKING ANY MORE you BETTER HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON AND LIKE THE PERSON. Looks go away. You sound upset and pissed, and I am sure you are hurt, but you will relize when you are older that these people and what they said to you don’t me shi. Be yourself, don’t listen to the Bull shi. one of my fav songs is by LImp Biscut, It all about the he said she said bullshi* and that is the truth. it is just bull. People change as they get older. don’t let these people make your choices in life. Step up out of it and do what you want. We arent all good looking. if we lived our lives everyday comparing it to someone elses we would all be depressed. There is always someone better. That is just life. Hell I wish I could be rich, skinny, beutiful. but I am me and I am married and I am happy, come on don’t disappoint me and let them get the best of u. you seem like a strong person. Besides. I delt with family and friends who commited sucide and to me it is selfish and a waste of your life, you can do so much and do anything if you put your mind and time into it.

Answer #8

Wrong. True ugly and true beauty are on the inside…not the outside. The Bible says GOD sees our hearts, and judges us. Not God sees our skins and judges us.
If you want to be beautiful, be kind, and helpful to those who are less fortunate than you are. Do you realize there are people trapped in bodies dying of cancer, and autistic, and afraid, and starving , and sick…with no one to help them? Help others, and you will be BEAUTIFUL in HIS eyes !!! Besides, have you ever seen people who are 80 or 90??? They’re ALL ugly !! So everyone is getting ugly ! They all poop, they all fart, they all stink… If they have pretty skin and eyes right now…that is their blessing. Maybe a kind heart. and lots of energy, and a willingness to help REALLY sick or sad or starving people is YOUR blessing. I hear a sensative note in your voice… help the truely helpless. That is YOUR blessing. ps… saint Mother Theresa is not a “looker”. pss…there is a chance that suicide would block you from Heaven…because you’re ignoring GODs gifts that you have,…and you’re not willing to live your life being helpful… So, I’d try anything else first !

Answer #9

hun, no offence, but that is a silly question, I was bullied at school for beeing ugly, and turned to self harm, but you know what? I dont care anymore, so what if some people think im ugly, otheres find me preety. You will never be to everyones taste (because no person ever is, not even jessica alba) people see different things as ugly, and beautifull. so just because some people said that, does not mean your ugly, it just means they want to hurt you, and unfortunatly it really hurts us girls. Plus you cant judge people by saying ugly people dont find any one, what about guys who go for personality? and like I said, different things are attractive to different people.

I think you do need to go for help, and theres nothing wrong with it, im not ashamed to say I’ve been counseled ther there to help, not judge

So ending no, its not ok for anyone to kill them self. I lost a very close family friend to suicide, and I will never forgive her for beeing so selfish

Answer #10

have you ever realized this though that most of the pretty women never end up married because people are intimiated by them I mean their are more things to ife than looks grow a personaility and maybe people will like you and beauty is only skin deep

Answer #11

if you think you are ugly the you will be ugly but if you think you are not instead beautiful inside and out then it will appear to u.. just don’t mind those haters who doesn’t feed you anything.. just have control over your life and don’t let them control your life..

Answer #12

Yes, like dani said, suicide is the most selfish thing a person can ever do. I don’t mean to be mean, but people who commit suicide only think about their problems and their feelings. They don’t take anyone else feelings into consideration. They don’t think of all the people that love them soo much… There will ALWAYS be somebody who thinks you are ugly, but there will always be someone who thinks you’re beautiful. If you believe you’re beautiful then nobody’s opinions will matter. Also, what’s inside is what shows through… if you’re bitter and sad, are you going to seem beautiful to people? I don’t mean to sound corny and all, I just know where you’re coming from. I really hope you get better though. Try to talk to somebody that is close to you that you can relate to. =D

Answer #13

no its not ok to kill yourself my twin brother used to get teased at school by kids because he was kinda big but now he is skinny because he got taller and lost most of his fat and now all the other kids dont even talk about him and when they do he sticks up for himself so I guess the point is is that if you think your ugly dont worry because things change and committing suicide is showing your scared and that just like runing so no its not ok and its selfish just get a new hair cut wear some makeup and some different clothes and maybe you might like the new look and think different of yourself but dont run just face your problems and show your strong for other kids that might think that they are ugly to but looks really dont matter its just whats on your inside…hope I helped!!!

Answer #14

you’re 13? wow I use to think I was really ugly I hated how I looked now I’m older and I look different I actually look pretty good now and I have a girlfriend whom loves me very much and now that I look back at my pics I wasn’t even ugly I wasn’t a bad looking kid you just need some confidence in yourself and even if you ain’t the best looking thing right now looks will always change so there is hope for you. Also life isn’t all about finding a soul mate and having kids. That would be what we all want but that’s not what life is about we are put on this earth for different reasons.

Answer #15

Killing yourself is stupid. If you think you look ugly and stupid now, what’ll people think of you when you kill yourself? Yeah. You’re not ugly. No one is. You tell a person is ugly by their personalities, not by the way the look. Try doing your hair a different style. Try makeup. New clothes. Paint your nails - the little things lead up to it all. Just start off small, then get bigger. PLEASE funmail me if you need to! I’ll be more than happy to help you :)

Answer #16

live laugh play be a girl be happy, spnd time with people you love treat yourself with respect, that’s what I call beautifull! Smile your not living to impress anyone :)

Answer #17

Looks like you’re pretty much set on the advice but I just wanted to say that you’re not the only one feeling that way and that you’re not alone..

Answer #18

well, the popular kids at my school honestly do NOT base you on your looks, at first I thought they did, me I’m a little different, there are a few kids who are like my bff & hate ugly people, well me, it’s not as much ugliness as if your annoying, but usually it’s both, so I will stay away frum you, if your REALLY ugly. even though, I wish I didnt

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