What should ii do if ii feel pressured to smoke and try drugs?

Okayyy..well ii have a few bigg problems and one of them happen to be peer pressure..almost everyone ii know smokes cigerettes and other stuff and some do drugs and ii feel like they always talk bout it like ii should start doin it and ii almost did but something told me not to but ii think that if they keep pressuring me to do it ii might end up doin it and ii mite gett adicted and ii don’t want that to happen..what should ii do when my friends are trying to talk me into smoking and possibly try drugs? and if they keep trying to gett me to are they reall friends?

Answer #1

you already knew the answers to all your questions before you posted this. you just need reassurance from others. I know exactly what your going thru. Ever sense I was a freshman in highschool every single person I knew and hungout with smoked pot, cigarettes, and usually did other drugs as well. They were all a couple grades older than me (along with my boyfriend) who also did those things. im recently graduated and im proud to say I never once tried any of those things and got my boyfriend to quit once I realized I didnt want to be with someone who smoked pot 4 times a day.. Yes there was lot of peer pressure, but I know who I am and I know what I want to do in life and I dont care whats cool and what people think I should be doing. Im my own person and I NEVER do anything because someone else wanted me to. People learned to respect that and when your one of the very very few kids that dont do what everyone else is doing then you turn into the one thats cool and different. I chose to be different from everyone else and stand up for what I believe in and people looked up to that, if I gave in and chose to be like my friends, I would of been just like everyone else. People respect people with their own opinions and NEVER change your opinions because people dont respect that. and everyone says you cant be addicted to pot? yes you can. When you want to do something and are in a bad mood when you cant do it and cant have fun until you get it, then yes you are addicted and many people truelly are addicted to it. Just tell them nah I dont do that shit and deal with the critisism, eventually they wont pressure you anymore as long as you never give in. My boyfriend was the worst at peer pressure, he wanted everyone to like him. he started when he was 14 stopped at 17 and regrets every second of that life. My advice to you is to always be who you are, make good friends who you can have fun with and laugh non stop with and not be on drugs to do it, trust me, you will be the first kid in that group to get a good job, a good girlfriend, your own house and have a good life. people who start drugs at a young age remain at that age for the rest of their lives. Goodluck.

Answer #2

unless you wanna ruin your life, DONT SMOKE, AND DONT DO DRUGS!!! smoking is bad for you, and it leads to lots of bad things. drugs, well, DUH it’s bad for you. it’s addictive, and it can cause lots of side effects. I had friends who did it, and they got into big trouble. DONT DO IT!

Answer #3

Do what you feel like is the end result, all this bullshit how weed leads to shit and how itll destroy your life and you will die blah blah is from 1. the goverment unable to tax something that anyone can grow, so they would lose money it being legal and 2. idiotic christians told that God made a forbidden plant called marijuana and all that happy horseshit. Personally do what you want, if it makes you feel good, do more, if you feel bad about it or get into a lot of trouble, dont, I dont care to be honest, do whatever makes you happy. Thats all you need to do EVER in this world.

Answer #4

I smoke weed every day. It’s a personal choice. My life has been the same, a lot better now acutally. I don’t feel like I have to smoke, I do it cause I want to do it everyday. My grades are still the same… Bad. I don’t like cigerettes, I think they are gross. Don’t do anything you don’t want to. And if you do drugs try to stay with weed. It’s not as bad as other dugs.

Answer #5

If you dont wanna do it dont, if there good friends there not going to try to pressure you into things you dont want to do. And in reply to the person above me you can get addicted to anything, there is nothing specifically in pot that is addictive. My aunt is a shopping addict and actually needed to get help for it cause she went bankrupt 3 times. I smoke every day of my life (legally for epilepsy) and I go to a university, I live happily with my boyfriend and have a great job. I dont regret any of my choices in life.

My advice to you is get new friends, cause you should NEVER have to deal with peer pressure. Especially with good friends. Dont smoke if you dont want to. Simple as that.

Answer #6

lawl, if you are the intellectual or creative type, smoking weed is probably one of the best things to do, aside from getting caught and given a fine, theres really no other cons to smoking it. Weed in itself isnt addicting if you dont use it like every day. if you do have a chain, break it and smoke 1 week+ instead. it isnt addicting unless you form the habit yourself. It relaxes you and opens more creative parts of your brain, with a group of friends its really fun. Because we talk about things like horses on stilts. Good shit.

Answer #7

if they were your friends they wouldn’t pressure you into doing something that you don’t wanna do. I learned that hard way. I started smoking. don’t do drugs or start smoking, its a horrible addiction. once you start it is really hard to quit so just dont do it. if your friend pressure yyou tell them that I dont wanna do that, I dont need that in my life. drugs make your stupid.

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