Drugs? Smoking?

Does it matter to you if yur boyfriend/girlfriend smoked? Or did drugs?

Answer #1

you said “smoked” and “did drugs” - all in past tense! if it’s in the past and the guy has come clean of his addictions, then I’d say no, it doesn’t matter to me anymore, cause you really can’t change the past!

Answer #2

I dont mind like cigerettes, pot, or drinking but if I found out my boyfriend did coke or heroin I think I would dump him on the spot. I smoke pot and cigerettes and drink. So if my boyfriend dithat it doesnt bother me because then I would have someone to do it with.

Answer #3

on the smoking no, but on the drugs it depends what kind of drugs if it was an odd ocassion a splif then not really but if it was coke or heroin then defenitly yes! xx

Answer #4

if they do right now yes I would care cause later on in life there just going to be a loser and trust me its not worth it. if you have a boyfriend you wanna make sure hes clean(:

Answer #5

Yes it does,I wouldn’t want my girlfriend someone who I care deeply about to smoke or drink or do drugs of any kind except the ones that help with sicknesses but I’d prefer home remedies any day

Answer #6

Depends on how much he does it and how it effects him. Some people smoke pot and drink and they’ve maintained successful lives and kept up with everything, others live in the basement. Same with sober guys.

Answer #7

noo it doesnt matter LOL

I use to smoke and do drugs and im fine!! alittle outgoing and very open but fine!

Answer #8

hmmm… I dated this guy who did drugz but me not knowing and when I found out I dumped him… soo I guess it does matter…at least too meeh:]

Answer #9

yes and no. depends on what drugs, and how much I loved him

Answer #10

right now I am in a relationship with a guy who just got out of jail who just stoped using drugs who just stopped cheating on me. but I love him and he felt really bad and is trying really hard to make it up to me!!! Because im in love with him!!!

Answer #11

Smoking- no it doesn’t matter. I wish my boyfriend would stop smoking but it’s an addiction which is hard to beat.

Drugs- Yes I would mind. I have seen first hand the pain drugs can cause and I wouldn’t want to go through that with anyone.

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