What should i do if my tongue peircing has pus around it?

I just got my tongue picered for the second time and this time it do not hurt but there is pus around the area.

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Do NOT put hydrogen peroxide on it. You will make it worse because you will dry out the piercing and kill the good and bad bacteria, not what you want. If the pus is a white to slight yellowish color that is normal, it is your white blood cells and plasma doing their jobs. Just make sure to rinse with mouthwash that has been diluted to about 50% with water. If the puss is any other color that white to yellowish or if there is a lot (to the point you can taste it) call your piercer and schedule an appointment to go back in.

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No peroxide! mouth wash more than you were, and call your piercer.

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Put hydrogen paroxide on it.

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