What Should I do about my neighbor?

My neighbor is really trying to get me into serious trouble with the police. She calls them over everything. Some of it is my fault, I can own up to and take responsibility for my actions.

Here’s the deal. She’s called the police on my for putting a note on my door directed to her telling her to never knock on my door again because she had woken my family up at two in the morning the night before by banging on our doors and windows and screaming and the sign was riddled with insults and curse words. So she ended up calling the police, but I didn’t answer the door and they left, which upset her because nothing was done. So my other neighbor, he’s about my age was outside openly making fun of her and being loud and I was just there so she called the police on both of us. She called on him because he was making fun of her and she called on me because she was upset that nothing was done the last time she called on me. Now this morning I hear her outside on the portch screaming on the phone about me and how I’m a theif and this and that. Let me tell you, I don’t steal from anybody. She’s refurring to some stamps that went missing from her house. Knowing her she probably just misplaced them, but she’s blaming me. Why would I steal stamps? I don’t mail letters. With all this technology and other ways of communication, why would I steal stamps? So I guess she’s called the police again. So my question is this, what do I do? What do I say? The odds are against me. She looks and acts like a nice old lady while the police are around. I have a mohawk and stretched ears. I look like trouble to them even though I’m not. They take her side always. If she doesn’t stop I really feel like I could get violent. I don’t even know what I’m going to do if she doesnt cut it out. She claims I’m harassing her, but every day all I can hear is her on the phone out on the portch ranting and yelling about me and what I do wrong and so on. I feel like I’m the one being harassed here, not her. I apologise this is so long, I just don’t know what else to do. I’m going to freak out if she doesnt just end it. This is so ridiculous. She honestly has nothing better to do then this. This is entertainment for her.

Answer #1

Fu*k you, buddy. I have a mohawk because it’s cute to me and I like how it looks. I have streched ears because I also like how they look and what they stand for. Im not complaining that they view me differently im stating the fact that they do. Either way I should be allowd to do what I want with my body and appearence and be treated the same as everyone else. Take your preacher crap and shove it. Alright? Good. I dont sit around and argue with her. She sits around and blames her problems on me. I go to school and I do my work and I get my things done like I should and when im finished with that im out having fun with friends. im never sitting around. You dont know who I am and you dont know what I do, so dont act like you do. Don’t you dare talk down to me because I dont deserve it. You’re talking as if I’m the one calling them all the damn time, which I’m not. ‘They don’t want to deal with my petty issues.’ I’m not calling them up everyday complaining, that’s what the neighbor is doing. I’m just trying to go about my business, but it’s hard to do so when I have them knocking on my door. I seem like I love this problem? I seem like I love attention? You seem like an ignorant person who speaks on subjects that they know nothing about.

Answer #2

I live in an apartment building. I’ve talked to my other neighbors. Well all dislike her, but there’s nothing we can do. The landlord doesn’t even like her, but she’s on section 8 and housing and all this other crap that pays all her bills and what not, for her so she doesn’t have to do anything. She doesn’t have friends so all she does all day is b!tch on the phone to her daughter about me. I’m not going to keep taking this, I can’t. She’s too much, but there’s nothing I can do. I mean, getting a restraining order probably wont work because we live right next to eachother. She’s in apartment 1 and I’m in 2. My neighbor who also hates her is in 3. What can I do?

We may be moving to another part of the city, but who knows how long that will take.

Answer #3

How about you simply act like an adult and don’t get involved in petty verbal disputes? Do you work or just sit around in an apartment all day fighting with your neighbor? The police don’t care about your mohawk and ear piercings, they don’t want to talk to you as much as you don’t want to talk to them. They don’t want to deal with you and your petty issues. By the way, why do people dress and make themselves up to try to create an impression such as mohawks, black eyeshadow, piercings, tats all over, etc and then complain that they’re viewed differently. You want to be viewed differently. Most people don’t care what you look like. Normal people see it as an attempt at getting attention. You sound like you need a lot of attention and you love having this problem.

Answer #4

Yeah, so the cops sound fed up too, if you just leaver her alone and don’t interact with her in any way, and she’s STILL calling the police about things, they’re eventually going to go to her place and tell her to stop calling over such mundane things.

Answer #5

just right her an e-mail, or if you dont have her email, if you live in like a community with a club house go to the club house and talk to the people that run it about having a problem with her and there advice since they have to live near her to.

Answer #6

Jeeze! She sounds like a freakin’ nightmare! My parents would go out there and tell her to shut the hell up but you obviously have more patience. I would tell you to kick her but that’s terrible advice!

Restraining Order is probably your best bet. Good luck!

Answer #7

She just called them again. They left not too long ago. They told me that I need to leave her alone and that she’s alloud to say whatever she wants on her phone. I was like, what?! She can talk sh!t about me loud enough for me to hear it and that’s okay? They were like, well you guys need to leave eachother alone. Just don’t talk to eachother. And then they were like, we dont want to have to come down here again. And I was like, well you’re probably going to have to because this is a game to her. It’s her entertainment. This is her thing. And they were like, well just leave her alone.

Ugh, I really do not like this women. My dad is starting to get irritated too.

Answer #8

If she does this often, which it sounds like she does, chances are the police don’t take her too seriously, but yeah, your appearance isn’t going to help you either. Just avoid doing anything to provoke her, and if she calls over something stupid again explain the police that she called over nothing. Honestly, if the police show up at your door because she claims you stole stamps of all things, I think it could be worked out. Explain to them what you said to us, stamps are pretty much worthless to you, why would you take them? If the accusations get worse however, it’ll get a bit more difficult.

Answer #9

I would love to beat her up. Aha, but I’m not a violent person. I really wish I was, just for such an occasion, but I’m not. = / No matter how angry I was with someone or how much I wanted to hit them, I just could never bring myself to do it. Which is unfortunate. She called me a ‘douchebag’ and a ‘theif’. I’m not that low, I do not steal from anyone, EVER. Especially not some friggen stamps ! What the hell, man?

Answer #10

get a restraining order on HER, she doesn’t need to be ranting and raving on your porch.

two can play her game, sometimes people don’t get the message face to face- so allow the legal system to do it for you, if she violates the restraining order- call the cops on her.

most important is for YOU to not do anything from this point to get her going- go about your life and ignore her until she violates the court order.

Answer #11

I don’t want to brag, but my boobies are pretty nice. She doesn’t deserve to see them. And she may actually like that, so no.

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