What should i be when i grow upp ?

I d k What I wanna be when I grow up , can you give me career choices ? Like fun, exiting , like a firefighter? Or a lawyer ? Just not too boring. And I LOVE sience ? But I HATE blood and needles lol. Yes im complicated .

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Vanessa hun, we don't even know what you like.
What you like, will eventually get you to a job you can do.
You enjoy drawing? who knows you can be a comic artist.
You like sports? Maybe you'll be a coach at a local school.
You like taking pics? Maybe modeling will be appropriate for you.
You enjoy singing? Maybe get a band, see how it goes from there.
It all depends on you.

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I've got a few friends going into forensics. you might like that:)

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I live in miami .

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